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Shopware 6 Setup

Before you start with your new store, you should have set up a Shopware 6 instance. There are several ways how to set up your instance. Below you will find my fastest and favorite method.

Installation with All-Inkl

If you don’t have a server provider yet, you can choose the price-performance winner All-Inkl. I recommend this provider to all my customers and also use it myself. The big advantage is that Shopware 6 can be installed directly from the technical administration of the web server. This saves a lot of time and, for example, the manual creation of databases, etc.:

All Inkl - Shopware 6 To the All-Inkl offers

Manual Installation

You already have your own server and want to install Shopware 6 on it now? No problem, because you can easily download the latest version of Shopware 6 for free.

Download Shopware 6

Shopware 6 Cloud

Shopware 6 kann ohne Server in der Cloud genutzt werden. You do not need your own server, just your own domain. Please note that the cloud version of Shopware 6 can only be used conditionally expandable through apps. If you plan to technically customize your store, I advise you to use one of the above mentioned installation variants and a self-hosted version of Shopware 6.

Go to Shopware 6 Cloud

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