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Connect Shopware Account

In order to be able to manage your purchased licenses correctly via the administration interface of your store, you should link your Shopware account. This is the only way to ensure that you receive updates regarding your extensions.

First, create a store in your store owner area. Log in to your Shopware account and then go to:

Store operator area


Create new Shop

The wizard will then guide you through the setup process. Please make sure that you have entered the license domain correctly. The license domain is important so that you can book your extensions to it afterwards. You can find more information about this in the official user documentation of Shopware.

Shop Administration

To be able to manage and update your licenses from your Shopware store, you have to link your Shopware instance with your Shopware account. To do this, go to your store administration:


My Extensions

Shopware Account

Log in here with your data from your Shopware account and you will automatically have access to your purchased extensions and licenses.

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