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Create Categories

Creating categories in Shopware 6 is actually quite simple. First, you should understand that categories are always used in the form of a “category tree”. This tree has branches, so to speak, with further ramifications. In terms of the category tree, this means that categories are subordinated to other categories. This way you can nest your categories afterwards.

Kategoriebaum | Shopware 6

Category entry points for sales channels

Shopware 6 uses corresponding entry points for footer, service and main navigation in its sales channels. These entry points define a node in the category tree. Normally, the highest point is used here. Of course, you can choose any node you want.

Kategorie Einstiegspunkte | Shopware 6

Create categories in Shopware 6

So far so good, the theory is over. Now I’ll explain how to create the categories. Just go to Catalogue Categories and you will see the already existing categories in your store.

To create a new category you open the 3-Dot Menu after an existing category point to use one of the options for adding categories.

Kategorie anlegen | Shopware 6

Once you have created your category, you can add further specifications such as name, description, layout, etc. In the next step I will explain how to add a layout.

Assign an cms/layout to categories

Shopware 6 works with Shopping Experiences. These can be understood as page builders or editors for individual subpages. You can find this editor under Content Shopping Experiences

Erlebniswelten für Kategorien | Shopware 6

Here you can see an overview of the already existing worlds of experience. Shopware 6 creates some layouts for you in the standard, such as the legal texts. We will come to that in the next part.

In the shopping experiences you can build texts, images, products and forms. It’s as simple as drag & drop editor. You can find more information about the detailed structure of shopping experiences in the official Documentation of Shopware 6.

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