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Google Analytics

So that you can evaluate your visitors and sales sustainably, Shopware 6 has an integrated function for integrating Google Analytics. In this article, I will only explain how to set up Google Analytics in Shopware 6.

It makes sense to link Google Analytics for each of your sales channels individually. To do so, go to your corresponding sales channel in the sidebar of your Shopware administration and to the tab Analytics

Google Analytics | Shopware 6

Here you can directly find the settings you need to link your Analytics account. Yes, you need a Google Analytics account. You can learn more about how to set it up at Google.

Google Documentation

In Germany, according to DSGVO, it is necessary that IP anonymization is active (as of 20.02.2022). This can certainly change again, but here’s the hint to you!

Oh, and you should definitely also expand your privacy policy to include an entry for Google Analytics. You can do this either through generators or directly from a specialist lawyer.

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