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Imprint, Terms, Privacy

The legal texts are also a topic that store operators should definitely take care of. There is nothing more annoying than a warning due to incorrect information. I recommend that you either deal with the issue yourself or get help from the Händlerbund, for example.

The Händlerbund specializes in store operators and offers some benefits so you can sleep soundly at night. Just take a look for yourself:

Go to Händlerbund

Legal texts and subpages with Shopware

I already explained how to create categories in the previous article. You should now use this knowledge and create a category for “Imprint, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy”. I assume that you do not want to display the legal texts in the main navigation. Therefore you see in the following example a subdivision of the legal texts in the footer navigation.

Footernavigation | Shopware 6

Fill legal texts with content

You have already read in the previous post how to work with Shopping Experiences. Since Shopware has already created the layouts for the legal texts, you can easily add them. Simply go to the corresponding category, select the Layout tab and assign a cms page:

Erlebniswelt zuweisen Teil 1 | Shopware 6 Erlebniswelt zuweisen Teil 2 | Shopware 6
Hint: Under the basic settings for Shopware, you define standard pages for your store. The legal texts should already be preselected here. If you have deleted these pages when using the store, you can reassign them here.

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