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Install Theme

To give your store a unique look, you should install a theme from the official Shopware Store. You can easily book this theme to your license domain via your Shopware account. As you may have already seen, I offer you a number of themes for sufficient use cases:

Go to Shopware Store

Activate Theme

Once you have purchased the theme from the Shopware Store, you can install it in your store. If you have linked your Shopware account correctly, the theme will appear under


My Extensions

You can now install the theme via the 3-point menu and activate it using the toggle switch. What is missing now is the assignment to the sales channel. To do this, go to the respective sales channel in your administration dashboard and click on the tab Theme. If you click on the button Change THeme the theme should appear in the selection and you can assign the theme.

Theme zuweisen | Shopware 6

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