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Even if you sell your products or service exclusively in one country, it makes sense to translate the content.
I explain the 2 main advantages:

  1. Multilingualism as an additional service
    At the very least, you should translate your store into English. For example, let it be only 10 visitors out of 500 who can better identify with the English language and you’ve reached those 10 people better!
  2. SEO advantages through multilingualism
    This point should not be underestimated. By translating your content, you automatically rank in a larger catchment area on Google. The number of your indexed URLs is multiplied by the number of languages in your store. Many more search queries match the products and topics you cover. So you increase your visibility and consequently your sales many times over.

So, now I’ll show you how to implement multilingualism in Shopware 6.

Set and assign languages

In your Shopware 6 administration you can under Settings Shop Languages define which languages should be supported in your store.

Sprachen anlegen | Shopware 6

Here you can edit existing languages or add a new one. The next steps are self-explanatory, so I’ll skip to the next point.

Sales Channel

Now you want to display the languages you have created in your storefront. To do this, simply go to your sales channel in the sidebar of your administration and scroll to the item Languages

Verkaufskanal Sprachen | Shopware 6

Add here the languages you want your sales channel to support.

Hint: You need to add an additional domain for each additional language. This sounds harder than it is. With Shopware 6 you can easily create additional domains and assign language snippets in the “Domains” section.


So in the settings of your sales channel scroll to the item Domains and add another domain. As an example:

Your store runs under and you now want to add a domain for the English branch, then you simply add the same domain with the extension /en/:

Done! Now your sales channel runs in multiple languages and you can start translating your text modules. You can find more information about multilingualism in the official documentation from Shopware.

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