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Payment & Shipping

In this post I’ll explain how to activate and link the individual methods for your store. But first a little present for you! I have compiled and prepared a selection of many relevant payment and shipping icons for you. You can use them directly in your Shopware 6 store. Free of charge and without obligation of course. ✌

Download Logopackage

Create payment methods

In your Shopware 6 administration go to Settings Shop Payment to see the already installed payment methods in a list. There you can either edit the already installed methods or create a new method. In this example, a new method is created and linked to a sales channel.

You are now in the overview list of your payment methods. Now click on the button Add Payment Method and an edit mask will open.

Zahlungsarten | Shopware 6 Zahlungsart anlegen | Shopware 6

Here you fill in the required data for the payment method and select the availability rules in the 2nd step. That’s it! Your payment method is registered and can be linked to your storefront.

Hint: Note that you must also link the methods you have created to your sales channel. Otherwise your methods will be “active” in your Shopware 6 system, but not active in your sales channel.

You can find more information about creating payment types in the official Shopware 6 documentation.

Create shipping method

Creating shipping methods works very similar to creating payment methods. To do this, go to your Shopware 6 Administration to Settings Shop Shipping to list your registered shipping methods.

Here you can edit the already existing shipping methods, or create a new shipping method. In this example I will create a new shipping method. Click on the button Create shipping method The edit mask opens.

Versandarten | Shopware 6 Versandarten anlegen | Shopware 6

Fill in all relevant fields here and your shipping method is ready to be linked to your sales channel. For more information and how to set up shipping costs and dependencies, please see the official Shopware 6 documentation.

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