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Colors & Layout

Each of my themes has countless individualization and color settings for certain areas of the store. In this post I have summarized the most important settings for you.

To influence the storefront and thus the display of your store, you actually only need 2 places in your administration:

  1. Shopping Experiences
    You can find these under Content Shopping Experiences and have nothing to do with the theme. The theme itself only provides styles for these areas.
  2. Theme – Settings
    In diesem Bereich findest du alle Einstellungen, die mit dem Theme zu tun haben. All the functions you not find there, are also not included in the theme. At Content Themes you can select the respective theme and get to the theme settings.

It would go beyond the scope if I would go into every single setting. Besides, the theme is permanently optimized and settings are added or removed. The settings are mostly self-explanatory and ordered. If you have questions, just write me or use the comment function below.

Set main colors

In the following example you can see the basic colors of the theme. These colors run through the entire store and are called up again in some areas of the theme.

These fields can be populated not only with static values but also with dynamic values. You see for example the value $sw-color-brand-primary This value stands for the “primary color”. For you as a store owner, it is not important to know these variables. Developer should deal with these variables to create consistent layouts. In the theme settings you will find many of these variables. So you only have to change the value in one place and other areas will be changed automatically.

Theme Farbeinstellungen | Shopware 6

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