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The standard checkout process of Shopware was completely redesigned with this functionality. I focused on a simple, clear and visually appealing operation – very clear keyword here is conversion optimization. A nice progress bar underlines the design and gives the user a good feeling while shopping.

For this function you need the THEME FEATURES – Extension.

Hint: Note that this functionality is currently only available for the Self – Managed and not for the Cloud version of Shopware 6.

How to set up the multi-step checkout

Once you have installed the THEME FEATURES extension, you can enable the optimized checkout in the configuration settings.

– Small tip: If you use additional extensions from third-party providers, it may be that the individualized checkout is not compatible. Just let me know and activate the Shopware 6 Standard – Checkout! 😊

Multi-Step-Checkout | Shopware 6

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