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Shopware 6 Freelancer

Hi, it’s good to have you here!
I’m Robin, Shopware 6 freelancer with passion. I have already successfully set up countless webshops and support over [get-setting name=’text_field_software_customers_shopware’] Customers with my numerous themes and extensions in the official Shopware Store.

Webshop with Shopware 6 planned?

Shopware 6 Freelancer

Shopware 6 Freelancer Project

4 steps to the Shopware 6 project

As a Shopware Freelancer, my main focus is on the front end, user experience and increasing your sales. Your store, scalable with Shopware 6 and fine-tuned sales experience is my passion.

[concept-box number=”01″ delay=”200″ title=”Project request” icon=”emoji-hand-winking.png” text=”Everything starts with your wishes, ideas and requirements. If you are not yet sure how exactly your webshop should look like later, I will help you and work out a detailed requirements catalog with you.”]
[concept-box number=”02″ delay=”500″ title=”Fair offer” icon=”emoji-hand-writing.png” text=”You will receive a detailed and above all fair offer from me with all worked out expense items. You will receive an exact overview of all costs, services, work times and implementation periods with a binding signature to place the order for both parties. “]
[concept-box number=”03″ delay=”800″ title=”Concept” icon=”emoji-hand-circle.png” text=”Depending on the complexity of the project, it is necessary to create a precise concept in the form of screen designs. You will receive a digital layout of your entire store. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the layout of your store, this layout is then valid as an implementation template.”]
[concept-box number=”04″ delay=”1100″ title=”Realization” icon=”emoji-hand-double.png” text=”Implementation begins based on all the issues discussed. During this process you can sit back and relax and wait for the delivery of the result. Due to the detailed preliminary work, we minimize any risk of chaos and misunderstandings here.”]

Shopware 6 Freelancer

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My entry offer

You want to set up a new webshop with pre-built theme, but you don’t have time to deal with the setup? No problem. I’ll create a solid foundation for you at a fixed price.

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Shopware 6 Freelancer Themes

My extensions in the Shopware Store

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Customers love my work

Shopware Themes in Top Quality

I’m a freelancer since the early days of Shopware 6 and maintain numerous themes in the official Shopware Store since then. With me you have the only expert you need for the realization of your individual Shopware 6 theme!

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