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What is an advertiser?

An advertiser is an advertiser and can be either a company or an individual. It is the party in affiliate marketing that has an offer to advertise. In doing so, it relies on traffic that is provided via websites of affiliates or publishers.

  • Is a player in affiliate marketing
  • Is a content provider and provider of the offer
  • Lets others advertise his product

The advertiser as a player in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, like any business, has its players, two of whom are advertisers and publishers, who work together symbiotically. The advertisers are the owners of the offers and need users for their various products and content. Publishers help them – they are the providers of the traffic that converts users. So it is hard to avoid using terms like “advertiser” and “publisher” when looking around affiliate marketing. Both parties need each other, as this is a team game to achieve a successful result. Advertisers need to provide good content and products, while publishers need to provide high quality traffic. The remaining players are the users (e.g. on the mobile device) and possibly affiliate networks. Content without traffic has no value if no one can access it, and traffic without a landing option for monetization is just a lot of money that is not earned. Thats why you need the other one and vice versa – everybody wins. So the advertisers are companies that have an offer (e.g. a game offer) and rely on others to promote the product. These advertisers are looking for users who want to buy their product. Thats why they trust publishers to manage their ads and provide quality traffic to the offers. Because trust is important in business, advertisers sometimes need to establish some rules about how their offers are promoted in terms of allowed traffic, ads used, and their actual advertising. For the advertiser, the main difficulty is to determine a proper payout (e.g. via the CPA model). This means that a value must be set that allows him to make a certain profit and at the same time is attractive to the publisher to direct traffic to it. For publishers, the main challenge is to get good offers that really fit their traffic and are consistent with their strategy to achieve good monetization.

How advertisers make their offers known

Anyone who has ever visited a site that hosts banner ads, advertised content, sponsored posts, or advertising links has experienced ad publishing in action. A variety of different websites and other types of portals such as mobile game sites and apps, Internet forums, social media sites and blogs manage ads. The publisher is a person or company responsible for connecting the advertisers product to the end user because he is the traffic provider. Publishers rely on advertisers to deliver the best possible product to achieve a high monetization rate for their traffic. Advertisers can define different types of publishers, primarily in terms of what they do and how they receive their traffic. In practice, you can see that there are media buyers who buy their traffic in advertising networks, webmasters who have their own organic traffic through websites, and social media marketing specialists who collect their traffic through social networks. The fact is that different types of publishers have different types of traffic, which then has a different effect on what they offer. The core business of an affiliate network is to act as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers want as much high-quality traffic as possible for their offers, but may not want or be able to manage a large pool of publishers. These in turn want to direct their traffic to the best available offers, but do not want to waste time searching for every single advertiser in the market. For this reason they both rely on so-called affiliate networks. In this way, it is possible to provide traffic from many publishers for offers from many advertisers, and everyone can concentrate on their main business and give affiliate marketing a better overall performance.

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