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What is B2B?

B2B Marketing is the short name for Business-to-Business Marketing. It includes all marketing measures that are aimed at companies or organizations. B2B is thus distinguished from B2C marketing, which is aimed at private end customers. For this reason, the marketer has to pay attention to some special features, even if there are similarities.

  • Is aimed at companies as customers
  • Is more personal than B2C marketing
  • Attunes itself to rational decision makers

Special features of B2B marketing

Marketing in relation to products and/or services sold from one company to another is the focus here. While mass advertising or large-scale campaigns play a major role in B2C, B2B marketing does not usually need to have a particularly high reach. The number of customers here is naturally rather manageable and limited. Another big difference is the much more personal approach in B2B. Advertising is much more targeted, targeting exactly the decision makers or the people who can influence them. These are, for example, managing directors, managers, heads of department, senior specialists or certain employees from the finance department. Furthermore, these personal contacts make long-term cooperation possible and probable. To find the right approach for successful B2B marketing, it is first necessary to identify and define your target group as precisely as possible. Do you want to address larger or smaller companies? Which industry is particularly important? Of course, personal contact goes hand in hand with a necessary impeccable reputation. Furthermore, advertising should not be too intrusive. It often happens that the name and services of the company are already known – customers then find their way to the company themselves via the website and B2B portals. Even social media can help here to generate coveted leads. While the behavior of private consumers is often influenced by popularity and emotionality, organizations and companies make decisions based on price-related and rational criteria. Therefore, B2B marketing should always adapt to these special conditions.

Measures in B2B marketing

Small and direct measures are suitable to draw attention to the company. Brand awareness can be increased, for example, by means of specialist articles on relevant topics. Well-known portals such as LinkedIn and Xing can also be extremely helpful for B2B marketing, since they do not only offer jobs. Since decision makers hardly ever place orders based on pure advertising, online presence is of great importance in B2B marketing. The professionalism of the internet presence is very important in B2B marketing. Decision makers routinely conduct their research online, both on suppliers and on related topics. The probability of enquiries can usually be increased if good SEO and SEA measures can put you in the best possible position here. Events and trade fairs are also an important pillar in the area of B2B marketing, as potential partners can be approached and acquired in a very targeted manner at these events. Business customers are naturally looking for reliable partners whom they know personally and with whom everything functions smoothly (in contrast to B2C “mass processing”). Social media can also be used to attract attention and emphasize the companys expertise. It is always advisable to not only focus on individual B2B measures, but rather to take several together, as this often leads to synergy effects. In the case of products or services transferred between different companies, more detailed explanations are usually required, as they usually have specific (industry-typical) characteristics. The buyers of companies hardly give in to spontaneous impulses, precisely because they do not buy for their own needs, but they weigh up carefully which partners they choose.

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