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What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness, also known as brand awareness, is a value that expresses the degree of awareness of brands. This figure is usually expressed as a percentage and reflects how many people are aware of or can remember a particular brand – with or without support. Brand awareness primarily expresses how familiar consumers are with a brand

  • Is determined by surveys and polls
  • Has an effect on willingness to buy online and offline
  • Is a structured presentation of all individual pages
  • The necessary measures are taken on the measurements
  • Is especially important for exchangeable products

The importance of brand awareness

Consumers generally prefer those brands that they already know. Therefore, the issue of brand awareness is very important, especially in a world that is characterized by more and more interchangeable products. When buying online, there is the added problem that the products cannot be touched, tried out etc., so that here too, brand awareness can be the decisive factor. Especially with everyday products, which are low-involvement products, decisions are made rather quickly and less information is obtained before the purchase. Here, of course, the brands that are anchored in the minds of the consumers have the edge. Consumers therefore prefer to choose those brands they have heard about and already know. Even in the case of products that the person is buying for the very first time, they tend to orient themselves towards the brands they are familiar with. Brand awareness goes hand in hand with trust in the brand, and this is reflected in the consumers willingness to buy, e.g. in an online shop, as an important factor. (Of course, there are also other factors such as the information offered, price and payment methods). With the help of search engine optimization, brand awareness can be increased. The website is optimized so that more visitors can find the online shop, which increases brand awareness. However, in addition to SEO, other measures from the field of online marketing should also be considered, such as PR measures, advertisements (SEM), social media marketing, e-mail marketing (newsletter), banner advertising, viral marketing, couponing, referral marketing and content marketing. Brand awareness is particularly important for memory-based decisions

Determining Brand Awareness

The awareness of a brand is determined by determining the percentage of consumers who remember the brand. This is usually determined by surveys or questionnaires. Specifically, this can be done by different methods. Brand recall is the unsupported measurement of brand awareness. There is no help whatsoever here and typical questions such as: “When you think of detergents, what kind of brands come to your mind right away? In contrast, Brand Recognition is the supported measurement of brand awareness. Here, the interviewees receive various reminders, for example a whole list of brand names or logos. Then they are asked which brands the person already knows or recognizes. Sometimes it is also asked whether a brand can be assigned to a product category. Some people have already established a favourite brand, while for others the brand for which they last saw a quite striking advertisement is also relevant. What is important for entrepreneurs is that their own brand is anchored in the minds of consumers. The conducted studies answer such questions as: How many people of a certain consumer target group already know my brand? How many consumers remember my brand without thinking about it for a long time? How many claim to have at least heard of my brand in the past, if asked? All types of brand awareness can be determined in surveys. In the course of campaigns it is important to regularly check the effectiveness through brand awareness tracking. It is also important not to survey the same consumers all the time so as not to distort the results

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