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What is Brandbuilding?

Brand building is the term for all measures to establish and improve the identity of a brand. The brand is given values that the user wants and identifies with. It is all about recognition and trust. The term is often equated with branding.

  • All measures to establish brands
  • Demands the creation of brand building blocks
  • Is the entire evolution of a brand

Brand Building – how is it done?

Brand building requires the creation of so-called brand building blocks, including logo, slogan, packaging, design or colours. Such brand building blocks are used to create the brand identity, which can be more or less complex. The inherent value of the brand as well as the brand itself is transported through appropriate communication measures. The term brand building describes the development of content and style of a brand, its evolution, so to speak. The aim is to increase both the attractiveness and the “desirability” of a particular brand so that it can make the greatest possible contribution to the overall success of the company. Brand building is always a rather long-term process, which may well take several years. Human behaviour usually changes very slowly. SEO and brand building go hand in hand in online marketing. They both have the same goal. The aim is to bring as many clicks as possible to the website. Because they target the goal from different locations, they complement each other perfectly. Where SEO does not work, brand building is a good thing and vice versa. Brand building on the Internet is not only something for the big companies. Small and medium-sized websites can also profit from it if they establish themselves as brands with the users. For business owners or someone who is interested in starting a business, it is very important today to build a brand and thus have an “identity”. When you hear the word brand (or brand building), you often think of a specific logo, such as the Starbucks logo or the McDonalds logo. In reality, a brand is much more than just a logo, because the term also includes things like customer service and how customers feel about a particular company. Sometimes it can even just be a gut feeling.

Why brand building is important for companies

Trademarks can be counted among the non-tangible assets of a company. Unlike a product that customers can feel, touch and use, a brand is in principle intangible. For many experts it is the emotional relationship that a company has with a customer. Brand identity is basically what we see of a brand. This includes all visual aspects such as logo, typography, colors, packaging and social media graphics. The first step in brand building is always to identify the target audience and competitors. Who is the product/service designed for? Who are the competitors in this market? Which companies are targeting a similar audience? If you know the answers to these questions, you are in a great position for the rest of the process. It is advisable to research the best and best known brands in the market in question. It is also important to find out the interests that the customers have and how to express these interests, for example in terms of language. Now it is a matter of creating the words that one associates or should associate with the brand, e.g. caring, efficient, artistic, professional, confident, imaginative, energetic, etc. It is therefore a matter of thinking about the qualities the brand should have. A brand is also more than just a name, but the choice of name also affects every other decision you have to make regarding logos, colours, brand registration, marketing, etc. In this context, entrepreneurs need to take the time to think about their business, rethink and highlight their unique selling point. When it comes to fonts, brand building will quickly reveal that some fonts are suitable for certain companies and others are not. For example, some suggest professionalism and seriousness, while others suggest creativity and humor. Finally, there is the logo, which will contain shapes and colours. This is always to be considered: How will consumers perceive the company?

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