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What is Communication Design?

Communication design is the communication of visual content with a specific effect. Images and texts arouse emotions in the viewer. For example, if I have a dark and dreary picture in combination with a serif text, I arouse a very gloomy mood in the viewer. Good communication design manipulates the potential customer in a profit-optimized way for the company

  • Design both content and form
  • Communicates messages with a certain effect
  • Addresses the target groups even better
  • Has the goal of optimal effect and perception

In communication design, content and appearance are in harmony

How do we achieve that our messages find the direct way into the consciousness of our potential customers? The answer is professional communication design. With it, media codes are used to compose the messages in such a way that the desired effect is achieved in an ideal way. Successful communication needs content and form. Since the viewer is mainly influenced by the first impression of a website, the graphic implementation is of enormous importance. Formats, colours and shapes must be perfect and match the product or service. Good communication design makes sure that the message reaches the recipient as desired and that the message is accepted by the recipient against the numerous competing messages. This is where the expert comes in, without whom the successful creation of these communication media would be unthinkable. The communication designer not only has a significant influence on the design of our messages, but also helps us to bring specific relevant content to the target group in the best possible way using suitable media. In doing so, our main means of communication – language – is expanded by an infinite number of creative elements. However, it should also be borne in mind that each person can interpret the stimuli differently

What distinguishes good communication design

In order to achieve a successful visual presentation of our message, various aspects must be combined by the communication designer. Perfect illustrations, the right fonts and the ideal background are only some of the design elements that have to be composed to form a coherent overall picture. Each project or campaign requires a very special individual solution for the optimal transport of the respective message. Accordingly, the specialists have to master the entire repertoire in order to strike the right note for the respective target audience with persuasiveness and passion as well as the right content, structures and design. The communication designer is therefore not just a simple media designer. Rather, it is characterized by a very special competence or talent for the appropriate shaping of visual communication, possibly even interactively or in combination with sound. The designer, equipped with all the necessary tools, skilfully places various graphic elements such as images, pieces of text and other graphic forms on the website (e.g. a landing page) on a given surface (layout). The fonts and colours are selected to match, including aesthetic considerations, to give the ideas the perfect shape. So design professionals not only manage to inform and bring aesthetics into play, but also to convince, entertain and seduce – so that in the end, after this creative process, conversations improve. Here, too, it is important to know all the rules first, so that you can then break them if necessary. A broad creative vocabulary is therefore essential for successful communication design

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