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What is the corporate identity?

Corporate Identity (CI) stands for a clear identity of a company. It is a desired uniform corporate identity, both internally and externally. The goals are a high recognition value and an unmistakable corporate personality.

  • Shapes the companys external and internal impact
  • Coordinates all company activities
  • Helps to achieve the companys goals
  • Corporate identity must be strategically planned

Corporate identity is essential for the corporate image

In order to clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors both offline and online, most companies strive for an independent corporate identity. Not least of all, this builds up more trust with customers and a greater brand impact. As a rule, agencies are commissioned to implement the corporate identity. On the one hand, the company should be presented consistently to the public, but also within the company. The trick is to harmonize all activities in accordance with the companys mission statement. Starting with the visual appearance up to the corporate communication the CI is always a challenge for the companies. Many of todays global companies have long since successfully implemented their corporate identity. Customers become more loyal and employees more loyal. A clear corporate identity also contributes to a positive image transfer of already existing offers when launching new products. Among other things, the company thus considerably reduces its advertising effort and costs. The corporate identity is usually decisive for the corporate image and contributes to a positive corporate culture. The company is given a clear profile and its working methods and services are clearly illustrated. The corporate identity concept required for this purpose must be carefully planned and strategically well implemented. It must be achieved to make the company truly distinctive – from customer service to management. Only then can the company in question clearly stand out from the competition.

Pillars and instruments of corporate identity

The corporate identity is based on the three pillars Corporate Design, Corporate Behavior and Corporate Communication. It must be ensured that the individual subareas do not contradict each other. Only then can the identity of a company be transported convincingly. Corporate design refers to the visual appearance. This most obvious and important part of the corporate identity includes the logo of the respective company, the design of the website, the appearance at trade fairs and the design of the products and their packaging. The visual appearance of the company ensures a unique identity and the highest possible recognition value for customers. It is essential that the corporate design is also visible at all levels. The uniform design concerns for example constant colours, the company logo and the typography. With outsourced advertising campaigns, it is always important to ensure a uniform appearance. Corporate communication includes such important components as consistent language and internal/external communication (press releases, advertising slogans, newsletters, messages to employees, intranet, etc.). Finally, the contribution of corporate behavior to corporate identity should not be underestimated. This includes the companys behaviour towards stakeholders, customers, the public and the media. Just as important are the behaviors within the company as the way it deals with employees or the management behavior. In addition, the employees of a company shape the corporate behavior by behaving according to defined values. The three pillars have also been further developed to include Corporate Culture (development of company-specific value patterns), Corporate Language (uniform corporate language, etc.), Corporate Philosophy (basic values/standards of a company) and Corporate Soul (“personality” of the company and its products). Especially in todays times of constantly new products and services, it is extremely important not to try to convince with a mere offer. The uniqueness and the uniform appearance as well as the recognition value have gained enormously in importance.

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