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Was sind Dofollow Links?

Dofollow links are outbound links that are used by search engines like Google to calculate link popularity. In contrast to nofollow links, they do not have the link attribute nofollow. The search engines should therefore “follow” these links to reach the linked website.

  • Help to quickly improve the ranking of the page
  • Both real visitors and crawlers can follow these links
  • Generally represent added value and recommendations
  • Are all links without an additional nofollow attribute

What are the Dofollow Links for?

These links are used to transfer important key figures such as PageRank and LinkJuice and to forward them to the linked page. In the case of nofollow links, the attributes of the same name have been deliberately added so that the crawlers do not follow such links. In these cases, a kind of stop sign is set and communicated to the search robots: Please do not count for the ranking! Dofollow links do not have a special marking, so they could be called no-nofollow links. All links in the WWW are considered by Google and other search engines as a recommendation by default, unless the link has just been set to Nofollow. Through such measures, website operators prevent the link popularity of external websites from being influenced. In addition, Nofollow links can be used well for optimising your own link structures. Google always evaluates it as unnatural if websites only contain dofollow links. This is because a certain amount of nofollow links belongs to every website that is interested in a proper structure of backlinks. The so-called influencers on the net live from the trust that users place in their objectivity and independence. It is therefore highly recommended for this group to set their sponsored links to the attribute Nofollow, so that they do not violate the strict guidelines of Google with their link structure of their own page (or blog article etc.). Nofollow links are therefore ideally suited to prevent possible feedback from untrusted sites. The method is also well suited to point out various sites without letting them benefit from the link in terms of SEO. It is recommended to use the Nofollow Links sparingly, but consciously in practice. This will also improve the backlink structure, which is rated by Google & Co. as clean and natural and therefore generally positive.

Dofollow-Links und Nofollow-Links

One can imagine all search engine results as a gigantic competition or contest for authority on the net, whereby the links count as votes in this competition, so to speak. Every time other sites link to your own, you earn credibility. The more you have of it, the more successful your SEO efforts will be. In other words, sites that get more hyperlinks generally have higher rankings in search results. Links represent the relationships between all pages, and search engines in turn use the links to discover, crawl and index new pages on the Internet. Google & Co. also use the links to determine the authority of web pages and their relevance to search queries. A dofollow link allows both search engines and human users to follow it to reach other websites. Dofollow links are therefore considered to be a kind of voice for the authority of a website and pass on LinkJuice. So if you get a link from a website with high authority, you will be a more credible source. Google checks the number of incoming links to your own pages. The more websites with high authority link to your own site, the higher the rank in the search results. By the way, by default all links are set to Dofollow, so you dont have to worry about whether links are also Dofollow links or not. But what is a nofollow link? These links do not contribute to the credibility of your website in the eyes of the search engines. Originally, they were developed to combat comment spam. Nofollow links do not improve the rankings in the search results. You can easily and quickly create a nofollow link by simply adding rel = “nofollow” to the links. This can be done manually or automatically. Every time you link to another website that you do not necessarily want to support, you can and should use the nofollow attribute for this purpose.

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