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What is eCommerce?

Classical eCommerce means nothing else than doing business online. So if you are looking for a developer for online shops, RH-Webdesign is your contact

  • Enables delay-free purchase processes
  • Lower transaction costs
  • No local limitation of trading activities
  • Includes both B2C and B2B

e-commerce in goods and services

Whether you complement your offline activities with internet trade or specialise completely in it – eCommerce with goods and services has many advantages. Any electronic trade on the net is basically called eCommerce. The classic example is the online shop. The term eCommerce covers both B2C and B2B business relationships. It is of course also possible to sell via other platforms on the Internet, such as social networks. It is also very easy to use services online. Strictly speaking, the (extended) definition covers all elements of electronic business transactions such as banking, advertising, customer care, after-sales services, etc., whereby the partners who communicate and exchange information with each other are not in direct physical contact. Of course, e-commerce as a trading activity on the World Wide Web only makes sense if it has a positive effect on the overall business. In addition, the merchant should always ask himself: What added value can be delivered by my online shop? Intelligently executed eCommerce marketing ensures high traffic and increased conversions. The demand for constant optimization of ones own website should be fulfilled. Good content planning and constant customer analysis are the way to success

Reach a large number of customers with eCommerce

Internet trade has numerous advantages for the customers, which the usual stationary retail trade of the pedestrian zones usually cannot offer. A very large number of potential customers are reached via the Internet, because the range of goods and services on offer is not restricted to a specific location. On the other hand, quite strong competition must be expected. As a result of this fierce competition, the prices of online trade are generally much lower than those in shops, which is good news for the buyer. Lower costs also make this possible (personnel, rent etc.). The pressure of competition encourages online shops to reinvent themselves again and again. On the other hand, stationary shops can score points with immediate availability of goods, ambience, the possibility of touching the products, more detailed advice, variety of the assortment and the experience character. In eCommerce, Internet presence and thus search engine optimization are particularly important. Customers expect a system that is as user-friendly as possible with easy operation, simple order processing and convenient search functions. In addition, the online shop should provide various shipping and payment methods for the consumer. The retailer himself expects the eCommerce system used to make it easy to integrate new products and to keep costs for payment and shipping options low. The general administration of the shop system should be as simple as possible. An exchange of information between the supplier and his customers is made possible online or by telephone. As a rule, eCommerce allows 24-hour service and very short reaction times in case of any problems. If the fulfillment of customer needs is always kept in mind as a priority, a very high level of customer satisfaction can be expected in online trading as a result

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