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What is the Google Bot?

The term Google Bot stands for the most used web crawler of the company Google. It collects documents on the net and compiles them for the Google index and Google search. The computing power of the Google Bot is distributed over a gigantic system of data centres so that it can crawl enormous amounts of web pages at the same time

  • A bot that crawls the entire Internet
  • Finds and reads new and updated content
  • The Google Bot crawls web pages via links
  • Adds the pages to its index

How does the Google Bot work?

You have to imagine that the Google Bot – simply put – is a computer program written by Google, which crawls the web and then adds the pages to its index. A crawler, in other words, that searches for knowledge in all corners of the Internet. In principle, the Google Bot crawls websites via links. It finds and reads new and updated content and suggests what to add to the index. The index is of course the brain of Google, because this is where all the knowledge is located. Google uses a variety of computers to send its crawlers to all corners of the web to find pages and see what is written on them. The Google Bot is the web crawler (or robot) of Google, the other search engines have their own analogous ones. Among other things, Google Bot uses sitemaps and databases of links discovered in previous crawls to determine where to go next. When the crawler finds new links on a site, it adds them to the list of pages to be visited next. If Google Bot finds changes to the links or broken links, it notes this so that the index can be updated. The program determines how often pages are crawled. To ensure that the Google Bot can always index your website correctly, you need to check its “thinness”. If your website is available to the crawlers in principle, they will visit it frequently. Strictly speaking, there are various bots from Google, for example for pictures, news, videos or mobiles.

What the Google Bot does on a page

To find out how often Google Bot visits your website and what it does there, you can go to your log files or open the crawl section of the Google Search Console. If you want to do more advanced things to optimize the crawling performance of your website, you can use special tools. Google does not release lists of IP addresses used by the various Googlebots, as these addresses change frequently. However, to find out whether a real Google Bot visits your website, you can perform a reverse IP search. Spammers or counterfeiters can easily fake a user-agent name, but not an IP address. You can use the robots.txt file to determine how the Google Bot visits parts of your website. Note, however, that if you do this incorrectly, you may prevent the Google Bot from coming all the way. This will remove your site from the index. There are better ways to prevent your site from being indexed. The Google Search Console is one of the most important tools for checking the thinness of your website. There you can check how the Google Bot sees your website. It also gives you a list of crawling errors that you need to fix. In the search console you can also ask the Google Bot to re-check your website. Getting the Google Bot to crawl your site faster is a fairly technical process. It involves removing all the obstacles that prevent the crawler from accessing your site properly. Its a pretty tricky process, but its worth getting familiar with. If Google cannot crawl your website perfectly, it will never be able to achieve a ranking for it. So the Google Bot is a program that visits your website. If you have made good technically sound decisions for your website, this will also happen frequently. If you regularly add fresh content, it will also come more often

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