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What is the Google Keyword Planner?

The Google Keyword Planner is an important tool from the Google toolbox. With it you can, for example, compare costs and visitor numbers for various search queries (keywords) and book advertising campaigns. With the much used Google Keyword Planner one can find out the search volume for special keywords

  • Helps to create advertising campaigns
  • Shows the potential audience for certain keywords
  • Also helps with search engine optimization

Here the Google Keyword Planner helps

This Keyword Planner from Google is very useful to choose the right keywords. With the right keywords the ad can finally be presented to the right users. The Keyword Planner from Google is available for such research. For example, you can discover new keywords. With the Google Keyword Planner you can easily search for words or combinations that match your products or services. With the tool you can quickly find the most relevant keywords for your company via keyword research. You can find out how often a specific word has been searched for and how the respective search volume has changed over time. In this way you can add the really relevant terms to the keyword list. With the Google Keyword Planner you can determine a bid estimate for each keyword. And on this basis you can then also determine the required advertising budget. As soon as you have found out the desired keywords, you can add them to the advertising plan. The keyword plan can simply be saved or even shared with team colleagues. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can start the campaign. The Keyword Planner, which is equipped with a wide range of functions, is also part of the basic equipment of a top-sorted SEO toolbox. A prerequisite for using the Google Keyword Planner is an Adwords account. Its use and that of the Keyword Planner are free of charge

Google Keyword Planner – a versatile and useful tool

With the Google Keyword Planner you can research the relevant keywords for ads or for the optimization of your own website with relatively little effort and retrieve their search volumes. So this tool is not only very interesting for the targeted ad placements, but also for search engine optimization (SEO). You can search for fresh keywords via a word group, a website or even a category. Furthermore, you can retrieve data on trends and search volume. Keyword lists can be multiplied to get new keywords. Keyword lists can be entered or uploaded to retrieve various forecasts. The Google Keyword Planner can give the user a really good first impression about possible search volumes of various keywords. This helpful tool is basically designed for Google Ads and provides important information for campaign planning for this marketing channel on the Internet. Google calculates lists of search queries (regarding keywords) for which it might be worthwhile to place corresponding ads. A helpful value is, for example, the “competition” for the respective keywords. In this way Google calculates the index value for the so-called competition intensity of keywords – low, medium or strong. If you have found and listed potentially very interesting keywords, you can now ask yourself which of these keywords are the right ones and how many users can be reached via them. For SEOs, the tool can also be used very well. The Keyword Planner can also be used very advantageously in combination with Google Trends, in order to put the comparison values there into search volume frames. When creating campaigns, many advantages can be drawn from the Google Keyword Planner

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