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What is the Google Search Console?

With the free platform Google Search Console (GSC), formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, webmasters can monitor and manage their sites via an official portal with numerous useful statistics. Access to tools and data provided directly by the search engine makes it much easier to optimize the website.

  • Contains many useful statistics and hints
  • Is free official Google platform for webmasters
  • Significant for the continuous optimization of the website
  • Is communication channel and control center

What the Google Search Console is for

The Google Search Console is a free platform for everyone who has one or more websites to monitor how Google views their websites and to optimize their organic presence. This includes displaying the referring domains, the performance of mobile websites, comprehensive search results, as well as queries and pages with the most traffic. In the Google Search Console, you can get information directly from Google, for example if there are serious problems. For example, crawling errors can occur if the bot can no longer access the page (or parts of it). Also malware or spam is taken care of, which can be infiltrated by hacks. After registering with your own Google Account, you can deposit all the websites you operate. However, you still have to prove that you really own the sites. After a few days you will get the first data etc. about your own website and its subpages. Among them are many interesting statistics, as well as important analyses, insights, tips, news and helpful tools. In the Search Console there are useful tools, which among other things allow the analysis of the robots.txt file. With this you can also discover problems. The Google Search Console is worth its weight in gold for webmasters, especially for more serious challenges. Last but not least, the Google Search Console provides you with many useful tips on how to improve your search engine optimization even further. For example, duplicate meta descriptions and the like are listed. In addition, you can see the 999 most frequent keywords under which your site was found. Additionally, impressions in the search results, clicks on certain pages and the average positions in the search results are available. Furthermore, Google shows all backlinks found by the search engine. Such evaluations are extremely useful for content optimization and SEO

The Google Search Console has many talents

The Google Search Console is basically a communication channel. The Search Console accounts are the most important and also official way in which Google communicates with the individual website operators. Through a registered account, Google can send webmasters a lot of information about problems, possible errors or even penalties on the website. In addition, some special tools are provided to contact them about site problems and features. But its also a kind of control center. If you really actively optimize your website, you understand of course that SEO is never finished. You have to continuously improve the content, optimize the website settings and minimize errors. In terms of indexing, the GSC is very important. Does Google really find all the articles on the site and also the subpages? You have the possibility to submit your various sitemaps and can thus help Google to find the complete page(s). On top of that, the blocked resources that Google could not evaluate are shown and there is a helpful display of the most common keywords in the content, which is also very interesting. But the various evaluations and statistics only make sense if you really use the tools for analysis in the right way. Only if you actively use the hints you get from them, you can improve your own site. Every webmaster can be strongly recommended to use this Search Console, because this way he gets very close to Google for his own benefit

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