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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves the integration of high-reach opinion makers or influencers, who are active in social networks or as bloggers, into the marketing strategy of the company. Influencers have a certain number of loyal followers who consider and appreciate their recommendations and opinions.

  • Shall positively influence potential customers in their decisions
  • Build on the great trust between influencer and followers
  • Opinion makers are specifically used for marketing and communication

Why is Influencer Marketing interesting for companies?

Influencer communities are more receptive to certain brands because the opinion leader usually enjoys a very high level of recognition in his entourage. If the target groups of the company and the influencer fit together, a cooperation can be very fruitful. Influencer marketing also generates even more attention and brings long-term convinced customers. This additional marketing measure is still quite young and has great potential. Due to the special influence of these opinion leaders on the buying decisions of the community, a large number of companies already use influencer to present or spread brand messages. Influencer marketing is therefore a modern form of advertising, which is suitable for many companies, especially due to its great efficiency. However, there can only be good cooperation if there is added value for both sides (company and influencer). Although most social media users are aware that influencers make money with their presentations, they now enjoy a surprisingly high degree of credibility, even more so than other advertising channels. It is not without reason that the investments in influencer marketing and sponsored influencer posts and videos are increasing unabated. Companies and agencies then only face the challenge of finding and contacting the right influencer(s). The right topics and target groups need to be served, so it is important to develop a suitable and well-considered Influencer Marketing Strategy

How Influencer Marketing Works

Whether in the social media or in blogs: By expressing their great passion for brands or products to their community, influencers have a great influence on brand perception and the image of a company. These brand or product advocates test, evaluate, recommend or judge the respective products as critics, enthusiasts or experts in front of a large (and more or less loyal) audience. Besides products, brands or companies, services or employers can also be presented. In the field of fashion, for example, the products are worn by themselves. The most frequently used channels are YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Twitter, Snapchat and other platforms can also be used for influencer marketing campaigns. Many influencers use several channels simultaneously. Micro Influencers with up to 30,000 fans and high engagement rates as well as high reach Macro Influencers with millions of followers are interesting for companies. A wide variety of people can be active as influencers or brand ambassadors: celebrities, bloggers, social media users with many followers, people with special expertise, journalists, YouTuber, politicians, forum operators and many more. On YouTube, products sent by companies are often tested. In other cases there are challenges, reviews or tutorials for specific products. Influencer marketing is very effective, especially with young audiences. Brand awareness is not only increased, Influencer Marketing also emotionalizes and offers interaction. Of course, there are also limits to the presentations, because influencers usually want to maintain their authenticity and reputation in their community. In many cases, advertising must also be marked as such

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