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What are Keywords?

Certain keywords are entered in search engines by users, single or even combinations of them are therefore called keyword(s). By means of the keyword the user tries to get to certain information, products or services. Therefore these keywords are very important for the webmaster.

  • Is entered in input masks of search engines
  • Are the alternative to the direct input of URLs
  • Have strong expressiveness regarding certain topics
  • Correct placement is essential for ranking

The role of keywords in search engine optimization

Keywords express what the user is looking for, therefore the webmaster must of course attach a very special importance to them with regard to search engine optimization. Thereby the users can enter single terms and/or numbers, characters or combinations thereof in the search engines like Google. Much depends for the ranking on the owner of the site placing these keywords (or keywords) and their synonyms in the right places in the right quantity. To ensure that the website does not get lost in the digital information flood of todays Internet, it is essential that it is listed at the top of the search results. The relevance of the content of countless websites is checked for keywords or variations of keywords by search engines, so that the appropriate results can be displayed for the searcher. Even though there are many other factors – primarily based on the keywords, Google will play out the most relevant search results. The user is presented with the search results page (SERP), which lists the results for the keyword or key phrase used. In keyword advertising, the core task is to select the correct keywords, i.e. to decide which search queries should trigger a particular ad placement

Using keywords correctly in online marketing

Users naturally visit more often those pages which are displayed by Google and other search engines in the top positions of their search results. Now the task of the website operator is to research the corresponding keywords correctly and to place them appropriately. These keywords are entered in the header area or head of the HTML document. The interaction of description, title and content with regard to the keywords is an important prerequisite for achieving optimal hit rates with the various search engines. First of all, the webmaster decides on which keywords or phrases his pages are to be optimized. It can be useful to choose a keyword in such a way that the number of competing pages is kept as low as possible. Nevertheless, care should be taken to choose the keywords in such a way that the content of the website is described as accurately as possible. The keyword density in the entire content of the page is also important for the search query. Experience shows that good results are achieved here with values of about 3 to 5%. The conversion rate can be significantly increased by the correct selection of one or more keywords. The keyword should be included in headlines as well as title tags and other prominent places. Too high a keyword density should be avoided, not least because it disturbs the users reading flow and the user is likely to leave the website again after a short time. Instead, terms from the environment of the topic under discussion should also be used. Google now recognises synonyms and semantic connections in the texts very well. A longer text will more likely result in a natural distribution of the keyword than a short one. Good readability remains the be-all and end-all. Google will punish excessive placement of keywords (keyword stuffing) as over-optimization. Different strategies must be observed for non-commercial and commercial pages (keyword money keywords). Keyword phrases can be further divided into short-tail and long-tail. The former are short and are usually characterized by a high search volume. The less frequent long-tail keywords are search queries that are longer and more complex. Suitable tools facilitate the successful research of the right keywords

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