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What is a landing page?

The word landing page is often listed in connection with search engine optimization. Landingpages for certain keywords achieve a high advertising effect. A product or a service or terms can be described in detail once again in order to achieve a higher visibility or conversion

  • Offer the customer exact information about products
  • Are usually reached via search engines and advertisements
  • Should motivate users to take targeted actions (conversions)

Characteristics, objectives and benefits of landing pages

Potential customers are mostly directed to landing pages via search engines and advertisements. There the user is supposed to perform a desired and predefined action (conversion), which is usually a sale or a lead generation. This is achieved by this type of website offering exactly the information about the respective products that were advertised in ads or banners or that the potential customer was looking for. Ideally, the landing page will therefore increase the customers interest and also enable him to find the desired product with as little difficulty or effort as possible. Since the user is to be encouraged to take specific action, the landing page must be tailored to his needs. For example, the customer expects to receive exactly the same information about the product he saw in the ad. The operator not only sells his products via this page, but can also collect contact data and similar information. Among the most common motives of users to visit landing pages are the purchase of products, obtaining information or offers, and registering for certain things. Top landing pages are essential for marketing: If you have a bad landing page, a high bounce rate and disappointment for the user is automatically the result. Good landing pages animate customers, whose purchase intention is already far advanced at this point in time, with clearly recognizable call-to-action elements to the desired actions and thus increase sales.

What distinguishes good landing pages

Good landing pages are constantly optimized, tested and continuously improved. The recurring updates for browsers etc. alone make this absolutely necessary. What works perfectly and smoothly today, can already cause some problems after a browser update. Landingpages have one big advantage compared to other categories of websites – the exact focus on a specific product and thus a stricter target group approach. Always remember: Landing pages are not homepages and certainly not a “general store”! If you want to increase the conversions of your landing pages, there are a few things you need to consider. Product message and offer of added value must be perfectly tailored to the needs of the visitor. After all, the content should be addressed and activated immediately. All this can be achieved by an appealing and well-structured design of the site. The focus should always be on the essentials and the viewer should be encouraged not least by a cleverly placed call-to-action button. Potential customers can be guided to the landing page by social media, videos, newsletters, e-mails, banner ads or via organic search results. The website operator would do well to leave out superfluous elements on the landing page. Rather, certain elements from the advertising that have led the user to this point should be taken up. Design and content are ultimately always dependent on the product offered. You should definitely avoid such navigation elements that lead away from the page again! All information on the landing page must be presented clearly and concisely, no contradictions or confusion may occur. Not least because, as the name suggests, the visitor “lands” on the page because of a clearly defined intention. Only then will your landing page be successful and highly converting

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