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What is link building?

Linkbuilding or link building is the process of creating links from other websites to a specific target website. This generic term covers all methods used by webmasters, site operators and SEOs to generate (high-quality) links for their own sites.

  • Belongs to the area of offpage optimization
  • Has the target to generate as many high-quality backlinks as possible
  • Is important for the ranking in search results
  • Increases traffic, helps brand building and creates relationships

Why link building is important

Link building is generally about using different strategies to get other websites on the net to create high quality hyperlinks or backlinks to your own pages. Of course, these methods must always be in accordance with the guidelines of the search engines, so that no punishments take place. Google and Co. as well as the users themselves should regard these links as useful and helpful. The creation of valuable backlinks is more important than ever, because search engines today place much more emphasis on class than on mass. In addition, the own site should be linked as well as possible by means of link building measures, because links are after all what the World Wide Web is made of. Whether a link is now classified as high-quality always depends on various factors. Basically, link building in the field of SEO is part of offpage optimization. The own website should be strengthened in the ranking of the search engines. Most SEOs agree that link building is one of the most difficult areas of their work. In fact, if you master the art of building high-quality links, you will be a pretty big step ahead of the competition. There are two basic ways that search engines use links on the Internet. First, to discover new websites. Second, to determine how well a page should rank in the results. So how can link building benefit a company? Links are a very important signal that search engines use to determine rankings. It follows that increasing the number of high-quality links that point to a website can significantly increase its chances of a good ranking. However, link building also offers other advantages, which may be less immediately apparent, but still need to be considered

The advantages of link building

With link building you can also build valuable relationships. After all, link building often allows access to other relevant websites and blogs in the relevant industry. This reach refers to the advertising for something you have just created, for example, like very good content or infographics. So it may be possible to make a connection, but theres more to it than that: it can help build long-term relationships with key influencers in the industry, and such relationships can lead to the company being highly regarded and trusted, and this in itself is very valuable. Besides the impact of links on rankings, there is the impact on traffic. A good link from a highly visited website can lead to an increase in traffic. If it is a relevant website, it is possible that the traffic is also relevant and can therefore also lead to an increase in sales. So in this situation, the value of a link is not only about SEO, but also about customers. A good link building can help to build a brand and establish an authority in the niche. There are some link building techniques, such as the creation of very good content that can show the audience e.g. the expertise of the company, and this will make a big contribution to brand building. For example, if you publish useful content based on industry data, there is a chance to become very well known in the industry for this. So before you create links, you need something “valuable” to which you want to create links. These assets often exist long before you start your link building campaign. Link building usually requires social skills, excellent communication, persistence and creativity. Links are very valuable for marketing, because a link is a vote of confidence from one website to another. Every backlink creates a positive connection and develops a relationship. Links are crucial for increasing traffic. A website without links will not receive streams of visitors – neither via search nor from other sites on the net

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