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What is Linkjuice?

The term Linkjuice or link strength describes the distribution of backlinks within a website as well as the reputation or strength of these links. The number and quality of the links define how the link strength is composed and what effect this ultimately has on the corresponding subpages.

  • Is a meta term with several evaluation factors
  • Targeted control of linkjuice is of great importance
  • Describes the passing on of link power
  • Also known as link juice, link equity or Google Juice

How you can imagine the Linkjuice

The term Linkjuice or also Google Juice can be imagined figuratively just like a river, where the main artery is the homepage. As side arms one can look at the corresponding subpages, which then benefit from the Linkjuice of the homepage. The latter naturally has the most linkjuice. In practice, one naturally wants to ensure a flow that is as even as possible. Linkpower should therefore be sensibly distributed through internal links. It is always advisable to control the linkjuice of websites in a targeted manner. This means that internal links are used purposefully to strengthen the subpages. Subpages such as an imprint or the terms and conditions can be changed in such a way that they do not receive any linkjuice from the main page. In practice, Linkjuice is sometimes used synonymously with the term Pagerank. The latter term was specifically coined by Google. It describes the power a link can inherit to the bottom page(s). The difference is that the Pagerank can be calculated unambiguously, whereas Linkjuice is a construct that describes the passing on of link power. Even though the term linkjuice introduces a rather abstract concept, webmasters and SEOs can use it as an orientation. For example, it is very important that backlinks of the highest possible quality point to a page, so that it receives relatively high link power. On the other hand, it is also quite important that this link power is distributed as optimally as possible to the corresponding subpages. In this context, the term “pagerankflow” is often used. Besides a good linkjuice, it is important for internal linking that the anchor texts for the linked subpages contain the relevant keywords. Thus, in addition to the redistribution of linkjuice, the relevance of the page can also be controlled

How is Linkjuice determined?

Both external and internal links can pass on Linkjuice. There are some important aspects to determine whether a link passes on link strength. First of all it is important: Is the link relevant? If you link from an article about cooking to a page about fixing computers, the link is most likely not relevant and the search engine will notice it. Links that are irrelevant do not offer much authority or value. The next question is: Is the linked page relevant? Links from trusted sites that have already established authority tend to give more linkjuice than links from brand new sites that have just started. Also important is: Is the link followed? Because unfollowed links signal the various crawlers that they should rather be ignored. They will not have Linkjuice. Just because a link is not followed does not mean that it has no other value. The next question is: Is the link crawlable? If a page has blocked the crawlers via the robots.txt file, then the crawler is instructed to ignore it, and the link will of course pass no value here either. Also important: Where is the link located on the website? Links that are hidden in the footer of a web page or in a sidebar do not have as much weight as links in the main part of the content of a page (with exceptions). This is because the overall architecture of the site allows Google to determine which content is most useful to users. What are the visitors intentions when they visit the page and how do the links help them reach it? These are questions that should always be asked. The next important aspect: How many links are actually on the page? If the link to your own page is one of many thousands, it may not be very valuable (although there is no really fixed rule here for the optimal number of links on a page).

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