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What are Longtail Keywords?

A combination of keywords in a search query is called a long tail keyword. The term means translated long tail. The long tail search for information on the web is accompanied by a stronger definition and narrowing down. Long Tail Keywords are much less competitive in search engines than single keywords (Short Tail)

  • Are more specific and indicate a higher willingness to buy
  • User has a more precise idea of his search object
  • Long tail keywords generally have less competition
  • Generate shorter lists of hits in the search

Long Tail Keywords in Online Marketing

Search queries that use long tail keywords describe products much more precisely – so the user does not just enter a name, but among others brand, model, colour and further specifications into the search mask. This shows that in such cases the potential customer already has a fairly precise idea of what he is looking for or wants to buy. The quality of users of a website is thus increased. This is because such visitors show a high level of quality because they show detailed interest in the offer. Statistically, users who conduct their search via a long tail keyword have a greater intention to buy something or at least to find out about it. Advertising in relation to long tail keywords can achieve a higher ROI. You can get better results by bidding on several long tail keywords instead of wasting the budget on very competitive single words. Long Tail keywords can lead to low traffic, but this is not always the case. However, the combined traffic of all keywords is essential. Visitors to a website with long tail keywords usually produce better leads, as they are looking for something very specific. In practice, long tail keywords are usually an average of three or four keywords that are highly specific. (Upwards, there are of course theoretically no limits to the number of words they can contain). So when a customer uses such a highly specific keyword, he is usually looking for exactly what he is actually going to buy. In practically almost all cases, such very specific search queries are then more likely to be converted into sales than general search queries (or short tail)

The benefits of long tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords are important for SEO. They are by far not as competitive as short search queries – which also makes it easier to rank with them. This is also true for Google AdWords. It is usually cheaper to bid here than for extremely popular short tail terms. Furthermore, long tail keywords usually have high conversion rates. Long tail searches are not only longer, they are also more specific. Users who search for long tail terms tend to be much further along the buying cycle (closer to the purchase) than people who search for short terms. So finally, the traffic you get from long tail terms is usually converted very well. Originally, the term Long Tail was used in the financial world or insurance companies, later it became an important term around the search on the Internet and thus in online marketing. Since Google introduced the search via voice input, the trend towards long tail keywords has increased again. With Long Tail Keywords you generate organic traffic on your website. This means that you can use such keywords to outdo the competition. Even if you already appear in the search results, you can improve the results even more if you optimize your posts. Long Tail is often the keyword when webmasters manage to generate a lot of traffic in the first months of their new website. Not with paid, but through organic traffic. Long Tail is the strategy to address all people who are more specific in their search. The searchers for single terms, on the other hand, are usually already intercepted by the top websites anyway. You can get good ideas for long tail keywords by experimenting with Googles clever Auto Complete function in the search mask. Also in various forums you can get a lot of ideas for suitable long tail keywords. Today, many tools help the professional to find suitable keyword combinations

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