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What is Messenger Marketing?

If instant messaging apps are used for marketing purposes, then this is called messenger marketing. Messages are sent to one or more interested parties or customers for the purpose of individual communication. For automated processes, so-called chat bots are used in Messenger Marketing.

  • Is done via apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Can generate leads very well and increase CTR

This is why Messenger Marketing is the next level

While classical marketing usually still operates on a one to many basis, messenger marketing allows for effective one-to-one communication. It no longer addresses the large grey masses, but now the individual user can be addressed. No chat is like the other, and a direct and unique connection between the user and the brand is immediately created. Through Messenger Marketing the leads are addressed individually and directly, which at the same time increases the chance of conversion enormously. For the users themselves, it becomes easy to enter into closer contact with the brand – an inhibition threshold can hardly be lower. So-called chatbots can be used to send messages to the appropriate target group in an automated way. A very positive aspect: Individual inquiries can be responded to immediately and at any time. For companies, this new form of marketing offers completely different possibilities to improve both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In addition, leads can be generated and the click-through rate increased. Users are reached where they are often online anyway – in their instant messenger applications. Moreover, practice has shown that Messenger Marketing messages achieve very high opening rates. As a rule, there are no spam filters, which means that the information always reaches the desired destination. The highly personalized chats usually leave a positive impression of the brand or company with the customers. And this contributes considerably to the desired customer satisfaction

Messenger Marketing as a communication channel for the company

With marketing via Messenger, companies are always close to their customers and can also react quickly to all kinds of requests. It is often used in e-commerce for transactional mailings, such as shipping and order confirmations and shipment tracking. Automated messages can be set up via chat offers, which can respond around the clock to messages and requests from connected contacts. Apart from this, the possibilities for generating leads are almost unlimited. Thats why this still relatively young branch of advertising is so practical for almost all marketing purposes. For leads, on the other hand, the threshold or the effort to interact with the respective company is reduced to a pleasing minimum. Why enter your e-mail address on the Internet and wait hours for answers? Chat offers, on the other hand, can pick up the conversation in seconds and, moreover, respond to the customers exact needs. In this respect, Facebook Messenger in particular is a perfect choice. After the obligatory welcome message, further call-to-action can already follow. This new type of Internet marketing has click and open rates that clearly outshine all other forms of direct marketing. The probability of reaching the user is simply very high. Of course, the user must also be able to recognise added value in the chats at any time and, if possible, be able to make further contact with a real employee if necessary. After all, there are things that even the best bot cannot clarify. Customers can also be addressed via audio messages, and emojis and pictures are not a problem for the messenger, as is well known. They allow all conceivable media formats and are, from the users point of view, much more exciting and interactive than e-mail & Co. ever could be. In contrast to e-mail or even spam, users take the initiative themselves and can (self-)consciously contact the brand. Whether Messenger Marketing is used like a kind of customer hotline (dialog box) or more in the direction of a social platform – in any case, with the right use the results will improve

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