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What is Mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly is the term used to describe those websites that also provide a good user experience on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This means that the pages should always be easy to read and reasonably displayed. Also important is speed in terms of loading times, findability of information and navigation.

  • Website texts must be easy to read
  • Navigation should always be easy to perform
  • Includes large and well-placed buttons
  • Means good user experience on mobile devices

Why should a site be mobile friendly?

With the increased emergence of various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, more and more users are using the internet (including Google), which means that surfing behaviour has changed enormously. If the site in question is not “mobile friendly”, the majority of users usually bounce back quickly in everyday life. Since mobile surfing with a permanent Internet connection has become very easy, natural and uncomplicated nowadays, this should of course also apply to the use of websites with such devices. If you want to generate more users for your business – and on top of that keep your existing ones – there is no way around a good mobile web design. Speed is a very important aspect here, i.e. everything about the loading times of the pages and the fast operation or navigation options. The images and files should therefore be kept as small as possible in terms of their data size. Top websites such as Amazon have also set the bar relatively high, and users expectations of mobile sites (e.g. in terms of speed) have become correspondingly high. It has been found that users often dont like to use a site if it is not mobile friendly, even if they like the site or the business associated with it. Moreover, if users dont immediately find the information they want on a mobile site, they usually quickly switch to another (i.e. the competition)

How to make your site mobile friendly

Necessary mobile optimisation means all measures which improve the display of internet pages on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Either the design is simply responsive or the user is provided with a second (mobile) version of the page with a mobile URL. By using the correct font sizes, for example, easy readability can be guaranteed. The essential information must be recognizable for the user as immediately as possible or after a very short time. The buttons or links should also be large enough to be easily operated, for example by tapping their fingers. Images should also be more compressed in the interest of the shortest possible loading times and the menus should be adapted to mobile needs. A website should not only be responsive, but also really mobile friendly. Therefore, simply resizing the desktop version to fit the smaller screen is no longer enough. In all his mobile optimization measures, the webmaster should always aim to present his web content on as many mobile devices as possible. Operators should always bear in mind that the requirements for mobile users are completely different from those for desktop users. This starts with the smaller screen and ends with the different Internet speeds. Mobile friendliness has also become an important ranking factor for Google and other search engines. Thus, the mobile friendliness of your own website is no longer just a freestyle, but has become a must. If and how mobile friendly a website is, can be tested by the webmaster online on various sites without any problems

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