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What is a newsletter?

The term newsletter means, as much as a letter or circular with news. The newsletter can be thought of as a small electronic newspaper, which is usually sent by e-mail. These digital newsletters usually appear regularly and contain information that is of certain interest to the intended audience

  • Is sent by companies for advertising and information purposes
  • Is a kind of small digital newspaper that usually appears regularly
  • Encourages customers to act and maintains existing contacts
  • Informs about news regarding products & services

Advertise and inform with the newsletter

A newsletter is like a small electronic newspaper, which is usually sent by e-mail and in rare cases by SMS. In the latter case, however, the content is more of a punctuated nature. It can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual letters, which in the computer age are of course no longer sent conventionally by daily mail. But they can also appear irregularly. For companies, associations, political parties and other organisations, such electronic circulars are a very good way of providing customers and members with new product information, conditions, news and dates. While the newsletters of companies are mainly used for advertising, circulars of associations and similar organisations inform their readers about important news. The newsletter is not really a real digital newspaper, as it usually contains less content. The typical trademark of newsletters, however, is their rather high information content. Whereas in the past it was sometimes possible to send newsletters without the consent of the recipients, nowadays consent is required. Customers or members must always explicitly agree to receive a newsletter. In addition, the possibility must be given to unsubscribe from the newsletter. In most newsletters there is typically a link for this purpose, which recipients can click on to cancel their subscription. The information content itself varies greatly, and often the newsletters are to be regarded as pure advertising, which does not contain a lot of news. In contrast, club letters inform their interested recipients about more or less important news, upcoming events or various actions. Good newsletters ideally build up a relationship of trust

Goals and purposes of a newsletter

The purpose of a newsletter is to inform all persons included in the list about news concerning the company, its products or services. However, newsletters are generally not used for hard selling. A good e-mail newsletter should feel more like a helpful update than an intrusive salesman. Newsletters can be a very good way to stay in touch. They can be sent out to motivate people to act, for example to make a purchase or read a new blog post. Newsletters are often the lifeblood of a marketing campaign, and email marketing has often proven to be even more successful than, for example, social media marketing. Nowadays there is hardly a serious website that can get around a newsletter. In fact, on most sites, potential customers come across newsletter registration forms. Newsletters can help to increase brand awareness, improve user engagement and generate even more revenue. The good news is that creating and sending newsletters is not difficult and time consuming. The newsletter can be sent as a text e-mail or as an attached PDF file, which means that the newsletter can also be printed. Companies with a large number of customers use special providers who organize the dispatch. Newsletters are therefore a very important instrument for customer retention. After users have expressed their interest in the electronic newsletters, they can be sent up-to-date information about new products or service offers. An important prerequisite (a difference to spam) is the declaration of consent, which is preferably obtained with double opt-in.

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