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What are ranking criteria (Google)?

The search results of search engines like Google are generated and displayed to the users by a special algorithm. The concrete ranking of a web page depends on many ranking criteria that influence this algorithm. Such criteria or factors can both improve and worsen the ranking

  • Influence the algorithm of the search engine Google
  • There are known and secret ranking factors
  • Have different weight or influence on algorithm
  • Can change more or less over time

A variety of ranking criteria

About 200 criteria or factors influence the algorithm, which is responsible for the creation of the SERPs. Many of these criteria are well known and have also been confirmed by Google. In addition, there are once again numerous variations of these factors. But of course the totality and detail of all these ranking criteria as well as the algorithm itself must be kept as a secret to prevent manipulation. For SEO specialists, however, there are in this respect both secure findings and probable or possible ranking criteria (Google). As a webmaster you have to be clear what is important for the Googlebot and what is not – not always an easy task. Content and its quality is one of the most important criteria of modern search engine optimization, because Google is now more than ever looking for useful and relevant pages. Users should always be shown high-quality content and the best possible results for their search query. In connection with the content, length, updates, language level, keywords, formatting and many other factors are also important. Duplicate content in particular is a very important issue here, which can have negative effects. But content is only one of hundreds of ranking criteria (Google). On-page SEO, for example, describes factors that can be influenced by your own website. Positive criteria are those that help to achieve a better ranking. However, many of these factors can also be misused until they become negative factors. Some of the most important factors relate mainly to a positive user experience. Off-page factors describe events that take place in a different location than your own site in order to improve performance in rankings. These can take the form of backlinks from other websites, for example. Positive off-page factors generally refer to the attempt to create honest and natural popularity, with the emphasis on trustworthy and influential sources

What you should know about ranking criteria (Google)

The Google algorithm is intelligent. It changes and adapts constantly to provide users with the best possible experience and to prevent Black Hat SEO tactics from manipulating search results. Part of the secret of the Google search algorithm is that it takes into account an extraordinary number of different ranking signals before displaying results. Although no one but Google knows the exact criteria, SEO experts have been testing them for a long time and come across a (variable) list of over 200 factors that Googles search algorithm uses to rank websites. However, not all of the approximately 200 ranking factors have the same weight. Among the technical factors, page speed and mobile friendliness are at the top of the list these days. However, “bread and butter” of SEO still remains the topics of top content and high-quality backlinks. Of course, every webmaster wants to get his website to the top of Google search results. You can do it – if you understand what it takes to rank successfully on Google & Co. There are more and more SEO case studies to fathom the mysteries around it. You collect tons of data and use SEO tools to find out what is currently relevant to Googles algorithm. If you are not on the first page of Google, you will lose sales to your competitors. This is because a full 96 percent of users do not click beyond the first results page. Understandably, site operators are therefore determined to get their company or portal to a higher rank on Google, ideally in the first three hits. To do this, it is important to understand the most important Google ranking signals and to optimise your pages so that they are displayed to potential customers as well as possible

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