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What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are an extended type of Snippets and can contain special elements such as price quotations, rating stars, images and various other information. Such additional information can be marked in the source code. By using Rich Snippets the click-through rate of snippets can be increased

  • Ensure higher attention in search results
  • Contain additional information not stored in Meta Descriptions
  • Increase the click-through rate of common SERPs
  • Have an indirect large impact on search engine optimization

What are the Rich Snippets made of?

While snippets are small text snippets from web pages that are presented in SERPs as previews, Rich Snippets go one step further. These special result snippets contain additional information that is not stored in the meta descriptions of the target pages. This is rather done with the help of markups in the source code. Rich snippets draw the users attention to the search result. They also offer additional added value in the form of event data or images, for example. Such advanced information is displayed in both desktop and mobile searches. In this way, search engines such as Google can highlight the results in the SERPs, which helps visitors to determine more quickly whether the search result is relevant to them. Rich snippets can provide users with many types of information. Some of the topics that are displayed in search engine results are ratings, prices, authors, companies, music, pictures, people, recipes, events, organizations, stock levels, author information and much more. Basically almost all common search engines are able to display such rich snippets. How are the Rich Snippets generated? To be able to read the structured data, the source code has to be supplemented with appropriate markup for the search engines. RDFa and microdata are available to the webmasters, and on top of that, the microformats according to schema.org have established themselves, which are supported by the largest search engine providers (Google, Bing, Yandex etc.). So the usual procedure is basically done in two steps: First, define the markup language and second, markup content. Once the appropriate microdata has been stored in the source code, special rich snippets tools can be used for testing. If the rich snippets are displayed in the test tool, it can be assumed that they will soon appear in the search results. However, experience shows that it can take several weeks before they appear. For a rather temporary optimization there is the Google Data Highlighter as an alternative

How useful are the Rich Snippets?

Even though the Rich Snippets do not directly influence the ranking of websites, i.e. they are not ranking factors, they have various SEO advantages due to their enrichment with additional information. On the one hand, a higher click rate can be expected. The fading in of Rich Snippets leads to an increase of the CTR in the SERPs, so that the number of visitors increases. On the other hand, the click rate is known to be one of the important ranking factors. Furthermore, the rich snippets lead to a much higher attention. This extended form of snippets ensures that on Google & Co. the search result is even more noticed by the users. In this way, the webmasters concerned can stand out from their competitors within the search results. Since the Rich Snippets display a lot of additional information, the relevance of the snippet is also improved. As a result, the probability of clicks increases. Ideally, the Rich Snippets also contain a Call to Action just like the normal snippets. The search engines naturally attach great importance to such structured data, because the data is much more accessible this way. The concrete design of snippets therefore plays a major role in the click rates of a search result. Eye-catching elements such as stars, videos and pictures make for a better standing out among the usual search results and it is also more likely to be clicked on overall. In the SEO industry, a niche of its own has now emerged with the optimization of rich snippets

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