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What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization means that the website meets all requirements of Google. Google searches the site for errors and information relevant to the topic. With the right approach and insider tips from the expert almost ANY website can be positioned on Google page 1. Because that is important in order to sell the product or service

  • Optimizes the site specifically for search engines
  • Has the goal of a top ranking in search results
  • Includes numerous technical and content measures

Characteristics of modern search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of online marketing and strives for the best possible ranking in the search results of the most important search engines, especially Google. Thereby there are many set screws, which can be turned for a successful search engine optimization. Different people can also have a great influence on this optimization, such as authors, designers, the operator itself or in-house SEO teams. Thus, everyone who has an influence on the design of the respective websites is involved in the SEO. SEO agencies bring in-depth experience and complex know-how, as they are specialized in marketing and especially SEO. With their help, a site can be optimized according to SEO criteria and a very promising ranking position can be achieved. It is not only the content such as text, videos or images, but also the programming as well as the structure of the website(s) that has to be designed and regularly checked for search engine optimization. An automatic positive side-effect of this is that the readers can be presented with ever better quality content via the search engines. The search engine optimization is subdivided again into onpage optimization and offpage optimization. The former is web page related and the latter concerns all web page independent measures. The most important onpage measures include, for example, improving the structure of the website, optimizing all metrics and content. Offpage measures include, among others, the enhancement of the reputation, linking and increasing the reach in social media

Professional search engine optimization

Successful online marketing is directly linked to professional SEO. With the help of various available means, it is tried to adapt the content and technical aspects of the site in order to achieve a better ranking position – as high as possible – in the results of well-known search engines. This refers to organic or natural search engine ranking, and not to paid search engine advertising that is separate from it. Successful search engine optimization does not only live from pure SEO quality, but also from creativity. The pages should “please” the user as well as the Google bot. It is not without reason that SEO is nowadays also translated as Search Experience Optimization, so the (preferably positive) experience of the user is now strongly in the foreground. Even less financially strong companies today have the great opportunity with good SEO to expand their name recognition on the World Wide Web despite the ever-growing amount of information. Professional search engine optimization should take numerous important things into account. For example, since 2015, Google has made mobile device friendliness a significant ranking factor. Technical SEO aspects play an important role, such as loading times, encryption (https) or bounce rates. User signals are thus increasingly influencing the rating of a website. Search engine optimization is an extremely important factor in the entire online marketing mix, but also a permanent process that sometimes takes a long time until the results of the optimization become visible. With the use of free or paid tools or software, the success of search engine optimization is made scalable and measurable and further optimization is made easier

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