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What is Traffic?

Traffic is the traffic on the website. A lot of traffic means that many users are currently on the website. Therefore it is important to keep the traffic as high as possible to get better profits. If there is high traffic, Google also shows more relevance for your website. Traffic, traffic, generate traffic! This is what online business is all about

  • Is central topic for website operators
  • Can be an indicator for website popularity
  • Traffic and financial success are directly related
  • Can be increased in different ways

High traffic is the primary target

The access of visitors, their quantity and frequency, is a central topic in online marketing. After all, a website is operated in order to attract the largest possible number of visitors. To maximize this traffic on ones own website is one of the operators primary tasks and goals. Since Google, as the most important search engine, also considers traffic to be an essential criterion for its ranking, this is yet another motivation to increase it. A large stream of visitors is usually directly related to the quality of a page. As a webmaster, you can also differentiate the quantity, for example by the number of visits or the page impressions, as well as the so-called unique users and their length of stay. High traffic can also generate even more advertising revenue. The user volume of a page can be increased by various measures of search engine optimization. Trash traffic, which can be generated unintentionally by faulty programming or the incorrect use of keywords, can prove to be problematic. In such cases, the stream of visitors is unfortunately worthless for the webmaster, because he only reached the site due to mistakes. The determination of the exact amount of traffic is done by using various web analysis tools.

How to increase traffic

There are basically several ways to increase traffic. First of all, of course, you should always keep an eye on the quality of the website. A regular traffic can already be generated by appealing content on pages and subpages. But also the design of the website should be convincing. The “clientele” can be of different nature, e.g. you can attract unique visitors and/or those who follow the website permanently. Since the site is usually reached via Google or other search engines, the traffic can be maximized via search engine optimization (abbreviated: SEO). The goal is always to be listed on the top positions of the search results, because lower ranks also mean less traffic. In addition, links from social networks and other sites can also be used to draw attention to your own website. Finally, there is paid traffic, where, as the name suggests, you pay for the user traffic. Although fast results can be achieved here, there are also some risks involved. The webmaster should always keep in mind that high traffic alone is no guarantee for success. More important are the conversions generated by the users. So it is not only the mere existence of traffic that counts, but also its efficiency. As a rule of thumb, however, the higher the traffic, the higher the probability that the viewer will end up as a paying customer

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