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What are trust elements?

Trust elements are those elements and contents that are used to build and strengthen the trust of users or visitors of websites or online shops. Such confidence-building measures are particularly important on the Internet and are significant for long-term customer loyalty. Trust elements create the trust necessary for purchases and the conclusion of contracts and increase conversions

  • Create trust with potential customers
  • Ensure more sales in webshops
  • Promote sustainable customer loyalty
  • Can appear in text and image form

Why are trust elements used?

The structure of a trustworthy website or online shop consists mainly of two components: Reputation and security. Reputation means to give visitors the certainty that the company is a reputable brand, that customers receive their orders on time and that the company stands behind its products. Security means to give users the guarantee that the website is secure, e.g. with regard to data, hacks etc. Different people are impressed by different things. For example, some can be influenced by years of experience and the number of customers they have served. Others can get a good impression of a brand if it has a large Twitter or Facebook fan base. And finally, you can also be impressed by the awards the company has received. All this can be achieved by integrating trust elements. Another possibility is to draw attention to mentions in the press. In an effort to establish a good reputation, quite a few companies highlight their mentions in the press. This shows that they are recognised and have been noticed by journalists. Some companies show only the media logos, while others publish an extract (as well as the logo)

Trust elements lower inhibitions about buying

Trust elements can occur in text or image form. The primary objective is to overcome the last inhibitions that may exist before a purchase decision is made. Visitors are to be turned into buyers. Frequently used trust elements on websites are seals or testimonials or references. Shop operators are usually well advised to work with trust elements on their pages to activate the willingness of their users to act. As a rule, it is a good idea to place these trust-building elements on both the home page and the shopping cart. But trust elements can also be used on invoices and in e-mails, for example. Regardless of how they are used, they should always be very clearly perceived by potential customers, but should not disturb the overall appearance. Quality seals (e.g. TÜV seal) are often used in practice. With these, sites can prove their quality. Technical seals that create trust are particularly appropriate for payment transactions. It is very important to use only those seals of quality that have a high degree of awareness and a positive image, because this is always transferred to the site. Such seals can usually be obtained if certain requirements regarding security or service are met and a certain verification fee is paid. Testimonials are also a good possibility, they definitely strengthen the trust of the users in an online shop. Not necessarily celebrities have to be involved, simple customer reviews or experiences or opinions of users can also work very well as trust elements. Furthermore, positive test results can also be highlighted. Potential buyers look very much at (preferably objective) test results for shops or products (example: Stiftung Warentest). Facts and figures or statistics can also act as trust elements for visitors. Such elements could be, for example, the display of the total number of visitors or the number of newsletter subscribers. The integration in social media is also important. Some websites advertise with the number of their fans on the various platforms. The “social trust” is built up on the site via certain widgets and boxes. The largest possible fan base is desirable here. You should always grow with the pounds you have: If you have over 50 years of experience in the industry, make this a selling point and put it on your homepage. If you have 200,000 Twitter followers, tell people about it

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