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What is a Unique User?

By a Unique User or also single visitor or user we understand a single user of a page within a certain period of time. Often these persons are also called Unique Visitors. These individually counted visitors of a website are an important variable in online marketing.

  • Indicates the net range of an online presence
  • Can be evaluated with analysis tools
  • Not to be confused with page impressions
  • Important variable for media planning and online marketing

Explanation and definition of the concept of Unique Users

The English terms Unique Visitor and Unique User stand for individually identified human visitors, which means that bots (and proxies) are not counted here. This means that it is always a person who visits the website in question no more than once within a defined period of time. Usually the visit of a website is considered to be finished if the user has not called up another page after 30 minutes. In contrast to the total number of visitors to a page, the size of unique users corresponds to the number of visitors who have not been registered more than once within a certain period of time. Unique User is therefore a measured value that describes how often a website is called up by different – ideally unique – persons. The distinction to other related terms must be taken into account. The term Unique User is often associated with similar measurements such as page impressions. Although there is a connection, different information is described. As already mentioned, repeated visits are not counted in the case of Unique Visitors. The number of times a Web page is called with a browser is relevant for page impressions. Here, every single deliberate call of the page is a page impression. The visits mean the total number of visitors to a web page, in this case the repeated visits of a user are included in the count

Measurement and accuracy of the Unique User parameter

For advertisers, the number of unique users when delivering campaigns is very important because they want to present advertising messages to as many different visitors to the website as possible. For decision-makers in online marketing, the unique user is also one of the most important indicators. It is used to measure how all marketing measures have affected the traffic etc. on the website. Generally applies here: The more unique users a site has, the higher the sales potential. Each IP address is only evaluated once in a defined period, no matter how often the visitor has accessed the website. This period is not necessarily fixed and can vary. The Information Association for the Determination of the Distribution of Advertising Media (IVW) works with the internationally standardised value 30 minutes. For the sake of simplicity, it is assumed that each user has an independent account on the corresponding computer. It is also assumed that each user uses exactly one browser. In practice, however, these assumptions will not always be exactly correct. For example, two people may use the same web browser. The use of several devices (at work and/or at home) or different browsers by the same user can also falsify measurements. In addition, visitors can also obtain changing IP addresses. Nevertheless, for search engine optimization, unique users are an important measure of the success of a website. It is useful for evaluating the traffic on the site. With Google Analytics and other analysis tools the webmaster can evaluate the unique users.

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