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What is Video Advertising?

We speak of Video Advertising, when advertising in Internet media is done in the form of videos. This placement of online video advertisements can be done in different ways. Ever better loading times, flat rates and increasing user numbers on video portals etc. make video advertising a fast growing branch of advertising

  • Is very well suited especially for video content
  • Can be placed in different ways
  • Booms due to increasing speed and user numbers

How video advertising works

Video advertising can be integrated similar to advertising banners on websites and is ideally always placed to match the content. Due to the fact that todays users have become more and more accustomed to free content (Web 2.0), companies increasingly rely on online video advertising. It is therefore often used to refinance free business models (at least partially). One example of this is the often free streaming offer of TV stations, which provide a more or less large section of their program on the net in the form of streams. These mostly freely available programmes are usually financed by the insertion of advertising videos. Such advertising videos can be integrated into websites in various ways, e.g. they can be placed before or after other videos or in an editorial environment. With the increasing broadband supply and faster and faster Internet speeds, the loading times of videos and streams have of course also become shorter and shorter. This is why video advertising has been able to spread more and more in the recent past. Video Advertising has certain similarities with the similar Video Marketing. In both cases the aim is to distribute videos as exactly as possible according to the target groups. The advantages of the internet are used, e.g. that a very large number of people can be reached very quickly without suffering high scattering losses as in classical advertising. However, video marketing focuses beyond the advertising message mainly on certain PR and image messages and is therefore better applicable on social networks. Video Advertising has it a bit harder here, because a pure advertising offer is often rejected by the users. However, video advertising is particularly suitable for video content, because you can insert advertising both before and during playback or afterwards

How can Video Advertising be integrated?

The forms of integrating Video Advertising can be very diverse. On the one hand there are the In-Stream Video Ads. They are similar to ordinary commercials like on TV and are played before, during or after other videos, e.g. before YouTube videos. They also often appear as commercial breaks in various TV streams. Depending on the circuit, they are called pre-, mid- or post-roll ads. Basically, these advertising videos are always kept relatively short (approx. 15 to 25 seconds). Therefore this form of advertising is generally well accepted by the users and is also seen as “payment” for the free video content. In addition, there are also the In-Banner Video Ads. Here the advertising videos are integrated into other advertising media. For this purpose, advertising media with relatively large advertising spaces such as Medium and Large Rectangles come into consideration. Because such ads are displayed parallel to the actual content, it can never be guaranteed whether and to what extent the users attention is really directed to the video. Video Interstitial is an interruption in the use of a page. The advertisement comes to the fore, and the rest of the page is usually darkened a little bit. This form is also generally not very well accepted by online users, because they are interrupted in their current activity by such ads. But at least the attention is quite high, because the user can no longer perceive the rest of the content. In addition, there are also so-called in-text videos. They are embedded in editorial content and are not immediately perceptible to the consumer from the start. Only when users move their mouse pointer over underlaid keywords does the video open, enlarge and start playing

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