Shopware 6 - Reseller

Shopware stands not only for an excellent e-commerce solution, but also for an ever growing community.
Let us achieve great things together!

As IT-Service provider

You are an IT service provider and would like to profit as a reseller? Whether agency or freelancer, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Ihre Vorteile:
  • You can provide all our plugins with your own branding (+ Addon)
  • You get a child theme plugin for each of our themes (+ Addon)
  • We carry out customer projects for you or together with you if required
  • Higher priority for support and developer questions
  • Attractive remuneration and commission models

As Online-Marketer

Are you an online marketing expert? With our attractive compensation models you can scale your business to a new level. We look forward to meeting you!

Your advantages:
  • We create a free lead landing page for you
  • You receive a high-resolution set of advertising materials
  • Integration of Facebook pixels and analytics for your evaluations
  • Support with advertising budget possible
  • Attractive remuneration and commission models

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find further information about the reseller area. Alternatively, you can also send us an individual contact request.

The reseller program is aimed exclusively at service providers who include Shopware 6 among their services. It does not matter whether you offer your services as an agency or freelancer.
The Reseller Program is and will remain free of charge on a permanent basis. You do not have to expect monthly fees or fixed costs. The program is financed by the network and long-term cooperation.
Depending on the reseller, we decide together with you which compensation model is most lucrative for both sides. An open communication is required in addition to the commitment to maintain the network.