In this section we explain how to create a service and footer menu correctly. Like the main menu, these are controlled via the categories. So go to your Admin Dashboard under Catalogs > Categories.

To create another navigation (e.g. footer navigation) click on the 3 dots next to the main navigation and then on New category after. A new category tree will be opened, which will be used as entry point for our footer navigation. Name this point Footernavigation. Now you can create the individual levels.

An example for footer navigation could look like this:

  • 1) Footernavigation
    • 2) Information
      • 3) Newsletter
      • 3) Terms & Conditions
      • 3) Imprint
      • 3) Privacy
      • 3) Shipping conditions
    • 2) About us
      • 3) Background
      • 3) Our company
      • 3) Our services
      • 3) Products
      • 3) Categories
    • 2) ...

Make sure that the categories you created are active. To then assign the menu to your sales channel and finally to the theme, go to Your Sales Channel > General > Navigation > Entry Point Footernavigation and select the entry point you have just created.