Template for download

As a reseller you have the possibility to use our Child-Theme template free of charge and commercially free for your purposes. You can adapt your own branding, such as the copyright in the main theme. You can choose between the following templates:

  • Customized template for our in-house themes
  • Template for the Shopware Standard
  • Individual Child-Theme for your needs
Become reseller

The Child-Theme plugin is seen as a standalone plugin and serves only as a template for the experienced programmer. It is installed in addition to the parent theme.

Own Javascript & CSS

Both files are already included in the child theme. Please add the respective adjustments to the following two files only:

  • Javascript: /src/Resources/app/storefront/dist/storefront/js/rhweb-childtheme.js
  • SCSS (CSS): /src/Resources/app/storefront/src/scss/base.scss

Overwrite/extend blocks in the template

To allow you to make individual adjustments to the template without the changed settings being overwritten during a theme update, you can extend existing blocks or even overwrite them completely. In this example we overwrite the block base_header from the file src/Resources/views/storefront/base.html.twig

So create a base.html.twig in the same folder structure as the parent theme and add the following code:

{% sw_extends '@MyTheme/storefront/base.html.twig' %}

    {% block base_header %}
        <div class="mein-container">
		<p>My Content</p>
        {{ parent() }} // Inherits the contents of the block from the parent theme
    {% endblock %}

In this case you only inherit from @MyTheme, because the file is already available in the parent theme. Otherwise, please use {% sw_extends '@Storefront/storefront/base.html.twig' %} to inherit from the Core.