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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

With our help, you can achieve top positioning for local, regional and/or supra-regional searches. Online shops will not only achieve higher sales but also strengthen your brand in the long term. Long-term stable ranking and conversion optimization inevitably increase your business success.

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The 4 main components of optimization for search engines

These four pillars will help increase your attendance ( Traffic ). An inventory, competition and keyword analysis throws off a structured approach. So placing your company ahead of the competition is no longer just a coincidence, but a targeted strategic approach. With the help of expert knowledge, every company will be ranked # 1 on Google.

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Keyword research
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Onpage SEO
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Offpage SEO
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What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization means that the website meets all Google requirements. Google searches the site for errors and information relevant to the topic. With the right approach and insider tips from experts, almost ANY website can be positioned on Google Page 1. This is important in order to sell the product or service.

  • optimizes the page especially for search engines
  • has the goal of a top ranking in the search results
  • includes numerous technical and content measures

Characteristics of modern search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of online marketing and aims to achieve the best possible ranking in the search results of the most important search engines, especially Google. There are many adjusting screws that can be turned for a successful search engine optimization. Also different persons can have large influence on this optimization, such as authors, designers, the operator itself or in-house SEO teams. Thus, everyone who influences the design of the respective website participates in the SEO. SEO agencies bring deeper experience and complex know-how with them, as they have specialised in marketing and SEO in particular. With their help, a page can be optimized according to SEO criteria and a very promising ranking position can be achieved. Not only the content such as text, videos or images, but also the programming as well as the structure of the website(s) must be search engine optimized and regularly checked. An automatic positive side effect of this is that the readers can be presented with qualitatively better content via the search engines. The search engine optimization is subdivided again, namely into Onpage optimization and Offpage optimization. The former is web page related and the latter concerns all web page independent measures. The most important Onpage measures are for example the improvement of the structure of the website, the optimization of all metrics as well as the content. Offpage measures include improving reputation, linking and increasing reach in social media.

Professional Search Engine Optimization

Successful online marketing is directly linked to professional SEO. With the help of various available means, it is attempted to adapt the content and technology of the site in such a way that a better ranking position – as high as possible – in the results of well-known search engines is achieved. This means the organic or natural search engine ranking, and not the paid search engine advertising . Successful search engine optimization lives not only from the pure SEO quality, but also from creativity. The sides should “please” the user as well as the Google bot equally. Nowadays SEO is not translated without reason as Search Experience Optimization, so the (most positive) experience of the user has become the focus of attention. Even less financially strong companies with good SEO today have the great opportunity to increase their level of awareness on the World Wide Web despite the constantly growing amount of information. Professional search engine optimization should consider numerous important things. Since 2015, Google has made mobile device friendliness an important ranking factor. Technical SEO aspects play an important role, such as loading times, encryption (https) or bounce rates. The user signals therefore increasingly influence the rating of a website. Search engine optimization is an extremely important factor in the entire online marketing mix, but also a permanent process that sometimes takes a long time until the results of the optimization become visible. The use of free or paid tools or software makes the success of search engine optimization scalable and measurable and facilitates further optimization.

SEO analysis

Your website will be checked for existing keywords. Here questions are clarified such as:
  1. Which keywords achieve a good / bad ranking?
  2. Which keywords are worth optimizing for?
  3. Which keywords can be replaced by better keywords?
  4. Based on these factors, a plan is prepared for further elaboration. This is structured and goal-oriented.

Keyword research

In this phase of search engine optimization, keywords are filtered by relevance and search volume for your business. Proven tools can be used to identify monthly search volume, competition and relevance. Keyword research collects the most appropriate and long-term keywords for your business and then transfers them to your website.

What is Onpage Optimization?

Onpage optimization refers to all search engine relevant settings that can be made on the website. This is about visibility for search engines, content, landing pages, internal and external links, etc. A good onpage optimization is essential for search engine optimization.

  • takes place on the website itself
  • includes content, structure and links
  • optimal preparation of texts, pictures and videos

Onpage optimization – all measures on the website

SEO covers two major areas, Onpage and Offpage Optimization. Onpage optimization concerns all content and technical improvements of the website. By means of Onpage Optimization, i.e. the content and structure measures, SEO and marketing experts achieve the correct and optimal preparation of texts, images, video and other elements for the search engines. This makes a major contribution to traffic and visibility as well as to the conversion rate. With the correct creation of content and HTML structure, several goals can be achieved at the same time. The correct data about intention and contents of the own web page are conveyed to the search machines. In addition, the user should receive added value and be able to navigate and order as easily as possible. An online shop can place completely different demands on the SEO measures than, for example, a company presence of a different kind or a blog. Since the predominant part of the page consists of text, this is of course one of the focal points. The name Onpage Optimization already says that the actual optimization takes place on the pages themselves. Besides the text, important factors for the relevance and evaluation of a page are the external and internal linking, the page architecture and the metadata. A special feature is the local search engine optimization, which is intended to rank very well only in a very specific region.

What to keep in mind for Onpage Optimization

The internal links must be created in accordance with the search engine. Appropriate landing pages are defined for certain keywords. The optimization should be as holistic as possible and not only rigid on the basis of a keyword. Comprehensive processing of a topic increases the probability that all different user needs can be satisfied. Mobile optimization is also very important; the focus here is on consumers’ mobile devices. Onpage optimization includes all measures that can be changed directly on your own website. This includes filling in meta tags correctly and completely, creating the website in a clean HTML code and presenting the search engines with a navigation structure that is as easy to read as possible. Texts, images and films should be readable, analyzable and processable for Google without major problems. Good content means providing the viewer with added value, whether they are simply informed, helped with something or even entertained. Good content in the form of text, video and images is always unique (Unique Content) and exactly targeted to the respective target group. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that Google punishes you. Texts should not be too short to give the search engines enough “food”. Likewise, great importance should be attached to good formatting and legibility. Placing keywords in the right places such as headings is a must. As several search terms are often entered, long tail optimization is also an important factor. In addition, you should always pay attention to fresh information, i.e. to topicality. Links should always be logical in the first place. The most important things should be presented as first as possible, since the users will usually not stay very long on the site.

What is Offpage Optimization?

Offpage optimization refers to all search engine relevant settings that are made outside the website. Keywords for this are backlinks, Google business and cooperation with relevant providers. Offpage optimization is the supreme discipline of search engine optimization and is a process that can be continuously expanded.

  • is one of two pillars of search engine optimization
  • includes all SEO methods taking place outside the website
  • one of the most important goals is to generate valuable backlinks
  • is one of the most important bases for high traffic

Offpage optimization – an important part of search engine optimization

Offpage optimization and onpage optimization together result in search engine optimization. All website independent measures, especially link building, belong to offpage optimization. The individual offpage measures include, for example, linking, increasing the reputation of the site and increasing the general reach in social media. One can therefore say that the page popularity and the general perception by the users is mainly increased with the help of offpage optimization. Both the Off- and OnPage area can be analyzed with appropriate tools. In offpage optimization, the webmaster is concerned with increasing the awareness of his site through the quality and number of external links from external sites, which are also referred to as backlinks. There are now hundreds of off-page factors for Google that can influence the ranking of a website. For example, the Google algorithm contains various ranking factors such as trust, link popularity or positions of backlinks on other pages. The most important goal is to build a healthy backlink profile with appropriate procedures. A good offpage optimization is therefore an obligation of every company if it wants to be presented appropriately on the Internet and thus lay a successful foundation for high traffic.

Offpage Optimization as SEO supreme discipline

Offpage optimization as an important part of search engine optimization is usually a big challenge for every webmaster, because he often cannot directly influence the links from the other pages. Therefore, in a constantly changing market, it is important to use successful strategies to ensure that your own website receives valuable backlinks, even if there have been some shifts in Google’s ranking factors in this area in recent years. Today it is no longer simply a matter of buying or exchanging as many links as possible. It is still best if other users voluntarily generate the desired links based on the added value offered. This can be achieved with so-called link marketing, which is also closely linked to content marketing. For the organic search, backlinks, which can be equated with recommendations from other websites, are still relatively important. Here the measures, especially the own active efforts for good links, the offpage optimization (sometimes also called offsite optimization). There is a whole mix of strategies to achieve the desired goals (higher rankings, better visibility, etc.). As a first and fundamental measure, the professional will always first analyse the backlink structure of the respective website to be improved. The search engines should be shown both the relevance of their own offer and the degree of networking. It is favorable thereby, if the references come from such strange sides, which are naturally also google-conform and topic-relevant.