Concept & Design

The cornerstone, the heart of every web project is the conception. If you compare your web project with classic building projects from the trade, you will see that the planning is essential. Correcting mistakes afterwards can result in extremely high additional expenses or even mean the economic total loss. A correct conception of the project is your insurance for a successful project.

In-depth self-control through conception: Have you thought of everything? Does the one or other point perhaps make less sense than previously assumed? Is an optimization of point X a set screw for the long-term success of the overall project? A web project is all about the interaction of functions, design and usability.

Let us design your project for you and benefit from the following inline services:

Future security

Planability is the be-all and end-all of every entrepreneur. The concept must be future-oriented and promising.


Maximum user-friendliness is the benchmark. Only happy customers buy your products and recommend you to others.

Responsive Design

An elaborated concept & design for all mobile devices is essential to be able to use each sales channel for itself.

Conversion optimization

First visitors are in your shop. Now it is time to generate more efficient sales channels by means of data evaluation.

Fast loading times

Fast loading times are not only a success factor for the Google ranking, but also have a targeted benefit for customers without WLAN.

Individual Design

Create something unique. Set new standards and leave the customer behind with a "WOW-effect".

Our conception strategy in 3 steps

Every project is individual, of course! Nevertheless, there should always be a basic system after work is done to NEVER lose the thread. E-commerce projects can become extremely complex and without the right strategy they are guaranteed to end up in chaos.

We are friends of an extensive conception phase. Only when everything has been thought through, agreed upon and finally approved by the customer does the programming work begin. The entire project should be detailed on paper so that there are no discrepancies and we have created the perfect construction plan together.

1. Strategy

It starts with the vision. What goals are you pursuing with the online shop? What is the maximum sales target? Which target group do you address and most importantly: Is there even a corresponding market and if so, which is the perfect market for your project? The entire project idea is picked apart and analyzed and optimized with critical questions.

2. Concept

In this phase the elaborations of step 1 are put on paper. This phase is divided into rough and detailed concept. First wireframes (sketched layouts) are created and presented to the customer. Possible problems and possible solutions are pointed out. This phase is repeated until both parties speak of a perfectly worked out concept.

3. Layout & Design

The designed online shop is digitally displayed and made available to you using modern design programs, so that you as a customer and we as a service provider can see the future e-commerce project in its entirety. This screen design is worked out pixel-exactly, reflects the later shop in its entirety and serves as a programming template for the implementation.

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