Online marketing as a scalable business model

In addition to various offline marketing channels, online marketing counts as being without exception data-driven and scalable. Consider the following scenario: You place your advertising in local restaurants, advertising pillars and various newspapers. What options do you have to find out how much a paying customer costs you? Correct! None! Of course you could use coupon codes to identify the origin of the customers, but how do you know how many customers have seen the ad? Besides the hard to define and limited target group, you have no possibility to use your advertising budget for profit.

The goal of online marketing is to make sure that you know your numbers exactly and improve them. In the end you must be able to answer the following questions: How much does a paying customer cost me down to the last cent? How much profit does a paying customer bring me (also in the long run) to the cent exactly? How do I maximize the profit I generate from the customer and how can I minimize advertising costs at the same time? Online marketing is data-driven marketing. We have defined all relevant terms in our Lexicon summarized for you. With these 3 phases we create your fully automated online sales channel:

Brand awareness

Show yourself to the customer! In this phase, the aim is to generate brand awareness through online advertising so that customers become aware of you through several sales channels. Targeted A-B tests are used to filter out the best performing sales channel.


Funnel is also translated as "funnel". The visitors gained via the high-performance distribution channel are directed into the sales department with targeted follow-up campaigns. Step by step, expenses are minimized and profits are maximized.

Lead generation

In this phase you have developed a successful funnel. Now you need to vary the offer in order to make lead generation as efficient as possible. Once these 3 steps have been successfully completed, you decide how much money you want to earn.

The best product is nothing without the right distribution

Of course you do. You have designed the perfect product range, analysed the target group and thought about how to design and run your online business. But there is one thing you have forgotten: The appropriate marketing! The real value and visibility of your product is only defined by successful marketing.

We are online marketing specialists and help you to optimize your sales channels:


Search engine optimization as a long-term basis. Search engine optimization can be seen like a pension or retirement plan. The earlier you invest, the more you profit in the long run. With release of the online shop it is important to work out this channel directly. We turn the right set screws for you so that your investments are profitably invested.

Advertising campaigns

A correctly designed and performant advertising campaign gives you figures and security. You know exactly what expenses and income you can expect in the coming months. You can decide for yourself how much money you want to spend on the campaign in order to further increase your profit. We help you to create advertising campaigns that are reliable in planning.

Social Media

Depending on the target group, this sales channel can be a real goldmine. In addition to influencer marketing, social media offers you many opportunities to provide your customers with new offers. A followership has to be entertained, but believe me: It is worth it! We show you how to take your business to the next level with social media.

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