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With this package you get as a store owner an all-round configuration of the theme and the shopping experiences. Based on your briefing, the content pages are created and linked in addition to the theme settings. Everything done for you from a single source by a professional. With our extended shopping experience bundle, you get many numerous setting options for the presentation of your content.

Detailed services in this package:

  • Crop/edit images
  • Sales-promoting presentation of the content pages
  • Sophisticated layout by e-commerce professionals
  • Intensive conception phases
  • Well thought out content structure for SEO
  • With a view towards performance and usability
  • Big focus on mobile devices

If wishes from your briefing with the Shopware 6 standard, the theme and / or the worlds of experience can not be mapped, we can take action with this work package. Because you get with the booking of the package a one time rate of 8 working hours for individual programming tasks included.


Active Shopware 6 installation Detailed briefing according to template

The service packages are added as products to the shopping cart and purchased. After purchase completion you will receive a confirmation mail and the possibility to track your order in your account. After receipt of order, we will contact you personally using your contact information stored in the account, and go into detail about the project.

All services will be provided based on the uploaded briefing. This should be maintained in detail. For this purpose, please use the corresponding template for download and fill in the appropriate information.

When the order is completed, we will contact you again and refer to the project once more.

Only when you are 100% satisfied, the order is considered accepted. We don't want to leave any unsatisfied customers in the lurch, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all service packages.

Use our free briefing template to download. You can find it above the shopping cart button on the right side. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible. We will manually evaluate each briefing and contact you personally regarding this after we receive your order.

Make sure your briefing matches the services package. If you have maintained the briefing according to our template and taking into account the services of the package, you can relax and wait for the processing of the order.

Of course! Our service packages serve as a "useful tool" for repetitive requests. So this is not about mass processing, but about simplifying cooperation and your 100% satisfaction.

We will get back to you personally as soon as your order has been received and your briefing has been analyzed. This way, you have a reliable and also qualified address that you can turn to at any time.

Once you have placed the order, you will receive a confirmation email and can view the status of your order at any time in your account. In addition, we will contact you personally and make reference to your order.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service, so you can also cancel your order at any time free of charge.

There are NO hidden costs! Any additional expenses incurred are considered a risk that exists on our part.

What we expect from you:
You should look in detail at the inclusive benefits of the particular service package. We can only offer you within the scope of the package what we limit with the packages. Here we ask for your understanding and consideration in the briefing provided.

Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to complete your project request within the specified implementation timeframe. In addition to feedback loops on briefings, this of course also has to do with increased demand.

We apologize for a few days delay if the demand is extremely high. Of course, in that case, you will receive a personal notification.

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A modern and professional online store needs a logo with a high recognition value. With the right logo, you positively distinguish yourself from the direct competition and offer old and new customers a picture brand with which they associate trust, strong service and fair prices. With our service package "Logo Design" you get everything you need for a meaningful logo on your website. Experienced web designers and experts in visual communication will create your new store logo and work out various alternatives from which you can choose your personal highlight. Set your client brief today to delight your customers with a unique logo and give your online store a professional look. From your own experience, you know the importance of a logo for customer loyalty. Logos are an essential part of brand loyalty and evoke positive associations and a close bond with the company at first glance. You can benefit from this with a professional logo design for your store and build a long-term connection to your clientele with a figurative mark. Unfortunately, a logo alone is not yet sufficient for this purpose. The logo design should meet all contemporary standards of visual communication. In addition, the logo design should capture the character of your store, your industry and the products you offer. Since you want to use your logo from the store itself to invoices or advertising media, it must be available digitally in many resolutions. Our logo design experts ensure that your new store logo meets all these requirements. With great experience and flair, we develop logos for you that stand out from the competition and make you want to browse and grab. After just a few days, we can present you with one or more proposals for your new store logo online. Notes to the customer briefing For sure, you have your own ideas about what should make your store stand out and be reflected in your professionally designed logo. Please include this in detail in our customer briefing that you create for placing an order on our platform. This will give our designers a clear indication of what is important in the logo design and you can expect prompt results according to your ideas. Requirements Detailed briefing according to template


The success of your online store depends on strong products. But even the best products won't help if appealing product descriptions are missing or don't meet your customers' expectations. Detailed and unique descriptions of your items are the key to standing out from your competition on the web and increasing interest in making a purchase. Choose one of our service packages "Product descriptions" to convince customers with precise, detailed and professionally written texts. Put high-quality content online for each of your items that will convince human visitors to your store as much as Google or Bing. Book your service package online today and create your customer briefing to soon enjoy top descriptions of your products. Detailed and creative descriptions of products are essential for successful e-commerce. Unfortunately, many store operators choose a different path. Products in their own online store are not described at all or they fall back on the manufacturer's standard description. This causes a number of problems: potential customers recognize that you are making little effort with your store and prefer to go to the competition. Top positions in search engines such as Google cannot be achieved with standard texts either. With our "Product Descriptions" service package, you receive unique descriptions of your items that impress with a clear structure and good readability. Trained copywriters write your descriptions, incorporating relevant keywords that play a role in the Google search of potential buyers. You receive the descriptions in plain text and HTML format for direct integration into your system. The mistake-free and exciting descriptions stand out from the standard texts of the manufacturers. Show your customers that you put effort into the design of your online store and convince them with comprehensive information about your products. Lay the foundation for a larger customer base and new sales. Detailed briefing as a basis To ensure that you receive your product descriptions quickly, we ask that you set your customer brief conscientiously. Include in it all the information that the copywriter needs to process your order. This facilitates cooperation on all sides and ensures that you quickly receive suitable descriptions that meet your requirements in terms of content and language. Requirements Detailed briefing according to template


A search engine optimization (SEO) of your store is the most important basis to be found faster on Google than your competitors. This includes strong SEO texts that convince the human reader as well as the most important search engines worldwide. The inclusion of product descriptions and other texts according to SEO criteria ensures your store greater relevance in search queries and leads potential customers to you faster. With our "SEO Texts" service package, you receive texts for your website that have been written according to all current SEO criteria. Together with other search engine optimization measures, you increase your chances of being displayed in the top positions in Google searches and achieving attractive sales with new customers. Which websites and stores are displayed in the top positions on Google or Bing is no coincidence. With various measures, you can influence the search results and make it clear to Google why your store should be displayed before your competitors. Search engine optimization is indispensable for the long-term success of your web presence. Through our service package "SEO Texts" you will receive meaningful and exciting to read texts that are optimized according to the current criteria of SEO. This includes the inclusion of relevant keywords in an appropriate frequency, a wise choice of headings, bulleted lists, meta tags, calls to action and much more. With every SEO-optimized product page or general information about your store, you enable Google to attribute higher relevance to your page and achieve better results in the rankings. SEO texts are only one measure of modern search engine optimization. Modern programming of your store in responsive design and the development of an intelligent backlinking structure are also part of it. However, optimized texts with the right keywords have been an absolute basis for your success in Google rankings since the beginnings of SEO and should also be found on your website. Information about the customer briefing In order for you to receive the ideal, SEO-optimized texts according to your ideas, please upload a detailed and meaningful customer briefing when placing your order. Our professional SEO copywriters can use this as a guide to provide you with easily understandable and exciting texts in a timely manner. Simply create your briefing based on our template and gain the security of soon being able to integrate first-class store texts with every product package. Requirements Detailed briefing according to template


The entire setup of the Shopware 6 system is done on your server. In addition to the installation of the latest Shopware 6 version, all configuration settings that you have stored in your briefing will also be made. More info about the briefing can be found below in the FAQ. To give you a more detailed idea about this package, the common configurations are listed once below: Creating the multilingualism Optimized SEO - settings Setup payment and shipping methods Create customer groups Configuration of payment and shipping terms Settings of the tax calculation Currency and country management User management in the administration area By booking this package, you will receive a fully configured Shopware 6 system to start your e-commerce project directly. We recommend hosting with All-Inkl. Requirements Own server Server is Shopware 6 ready Detailed briefing according to template


Professionally correct translations are the basis for successful e-commerce abroad. When dealing with customers from Europe and around the world, a flawless translation of your product descriptions and order terms is essential. Especially when it comes to contracts with customers and partners abroad, a correct translation of every single word is essential. Select the appropriate service package in the "Translations" area with us to gain certainty for a technically and linguistically correct translation. Our qualified translators cover dozens of languages and ensure an accurate and timely translation of your specified store content. Conveniently choose the right service package online to make the best impression on your foreign partners and customers. Our world is growing together, making communication across all borders easier than ever. For stores of all sizes and in all industries, working with foreign customers in B2B or B2C environments has become the foundation of business success. When it comes to addressing your contacts abroad correctly, every word and the right feeling for language matter. Simple school translations in English, French or Spanish are hardly sufficient to convince potential buyers abroad of your offer. In addition to the descriptions of your products, this is especially true for your terms and conditions, from shipping to payment methods and your T&Cs. In addition to an impeccable language style, with which you present yourself as a serious business partner, you can open up new markets abroad with high-quality translations. Our service package helps you with this and covers various languages according to your wishes and specifications. Within a few days, your submitted texts will be transferred into the respective national language by expert translators, always oriented on your previously created customer briefing. Many of our translators are native speakers or reach this linguistic level, which gives you absolute confidence when communicating with your foreign contacts. In addition to the most important languages of the global economy, such as English or Spanish, you can order standard and specialized translations in less common languages. Open up new markets with Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese or the Scandinavian languages and enjoy the good feeling of a professional-looking online store! Create a customer briefing and maintain it conscientiously To ensure that your translation jobs run smoothly, please create your customer briefing before booking the service. This gives our translators a clear framework of what your wishes and ideas are regarding the translation work for your online store. With a precisely formulated customer briefing, you contribute to a fast and smooth process of every translation. Requirements Detailed briefing according to template


Shopware 6 Setup - Advanced Package
The all-round carefree package for the start with Shopware 6. We take over the entire theme setup and the construction of the content pages.
14-20 Days Delivery
5 Revisions
  • 50% discount on all our themes
  • 50% discount on Shopping Experience Bundle
  • Theme Installation / Configuration
  • Theme settings according to default
  • Navigation structures according to briefing
  • Shopping Experience are configured
  • Structure of the front page according to briefing
  • Structure of content pages according to briefing
  • Editing by trained designers / programmers
  • 8 hours programming work package included


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