Shopware 6 in the short version

Whatever business model you have - Shopware 6 is the perfect tool in an increasingly complex e-commerce world: extremely adaptable and powerful software. Reduce your effort and increase your success through more automation, flexibility and clarity. Shopware 6 uses the API-First approach and user-friendly technologies. You can start at any time without specific technical knowledge and expect unlimited adaptability of the system.

Shopware 6 is suitable for you if:

  • You want to feel at home in the administration
  • Flexibility instead of complexity is important to you
  • You want to concentrate on your core business
  • You want to build a long-term profitable e-commerce business
  • You want a quick and easy introduction to e-commerce
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Our Shopware 6 services at a glance

Are you looking for a reliable e-commerce professional to help you design, program, manage and maintain your online shop? Benefit from our services and enjoy the Shopware 6 full service.

Template programming

A sophisticated design meets the appropriate usability. 100% matched to your corporate identity.

Plug-In Development

Additional functions for your shop. Easily configurable for the shop operator and expandable at any time.

Search engine optimization

Your products achieve more turnover through top results in the search engines. We provide for optimal placement.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is important to convert the streams of visitors you have gained via SEO and SEA into paying customers to the highest possible percentage.

Interface programming

You use third-party software and want to link to Shopware 6? We will create the appropriate interface for you.


Multilingualism for your shop and corresponding legal settings for you directly from one source.

Data import or migration

You want to switch from an existing system to Shopware 6? We are your moving company and even pack the boxes for you!

Help & Emergency Support

A problem has arisen, you are losing sales and need urgent support? We can even help you at the weekend!

Ongoing support & advice

Monthly reports, SEO & SEA evaluations, optimization suggestions, security updates and much more as a service package for you.

You want to start your Shopware 6 project with us?

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Shopware 6 - uncomplicated and powerful

Shopware 6 stands for more sales and significantly fewer hurdles, because the powerful e-commerce software was developed together with online merchants. This means that trading can take place wherever your customers are, regardless of device, channel, location or time. The technologies used (Symfony as the standard framework, Vue.js for administration) ensure uncomplicated handling and help you to focus on your core business. Shopware 6 is suitable for every business model - from B2C to B2B. You don't have to be a professional or bring along specific knowledge, a quick start is guaranteed at any time by the consistent and simple UX.

On top of that, Shopware in its latest version is more extensible than ever before, because the developers attached importance to an adaptable and lean product from the very beginning. Technology, connectivity and flexibility go hand in hand here. Shopware 6 can be used for a wide variety of front-ends and sales channels, and the user is always at the centre of the action. In the administration as the heart of the online shop, you can now feel at home at any time. The navigation appears extremely tidy and the user guidance is well thought out. Unnecessary complexity was completely avoided, the interface is very clear and the menu items were reduced to a minimum. With the integrated rule builder, limits are removed - just write your own rules! Global logic and no programming effort whatsoever, even with relatively complex requirements. This gives you the unlimited freedom to design your business model as you wish, without the compulsion to adapt to the software. Contents, prices and shipping costs can be customized easily and flexibly.

Shopware 6 offers all this

The First Run Wizard, a reliable and helpful companion, helps with the initial setup. It guides you step by step to your online shop, helps you configure and install plug-ins and recommends further steps. With Shopware 6 you can sell where your customers are. With one solution, all sales channels are centrally controlled, whether POS, social media, marketplaces or classic shop. The channels can be expanded at any time and can differ in terms of product range, languages or currencies. Product management has never been easier: all important characteristics of the products on offer, such as weight, size or colour, are managed centrally.

Variants can be generated dynamically and output for each sales channel. Product streams allow you to generate dynamic product catalogs using flexible filter criteria. Shopware 6 also combines content and commerce in an inimitable way and, with the Shopping Worlds, successfully and consistently continues the basic idea of emotional commerce. The shopping experience takes place holistically and across all channels, no matter which end device is used. The best thing about it is that you don't need to have any previous technical knowledge or design skills! Thanks to the intuitive user guidance, a quick start is possible at any time.

You can easily design the shop pages, whether product detail pages, landing pages, listings or category pages. The developers of Shopware 6 once again come up with many great and helpful features. With the module "Discounts and Promotions" you can boost your sales in the shop. With the integrated PayPal module you also have access to more than 100 currencies. Search engine optimization has also been taken into consideration, as Shopware 6 offers integrated SEO functions. Meta and Canonical Tags, Rich Snippets and Breadcrumbs are available for organic search and finding your shop. So you are fit for the search engine and top rankings!