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Shopware SEO – What you should know

Today it is quite easy to create a store and get started in e-commerce. Applications like Shopware make it possible. The last few years have not been easy for local retailers. So it’s no wonder that the competition is correspondingly fierce. You’re not the only one drawn to the broad storefront on the WWW. And every retailer wants to attract the attention of potential customers. But how can you achieve that?

Shopware SEO is one of the most frequently chosen ways. Search Engine Optimization refers to the optimization of your content so that you can be easily found on Google even without ads. You can assume that without SEO you will only end up at the back of the search results.

When we talk about Shopware SEO, we start from Google, because it is the most used search engine.

Google Marketing has 2 levels
SEO: Search Engine Optimization Onpage and offpage optimization of the page and thus better findability, “free of charge”, you acquire a good status that lasts
SEA: Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads or Display Ads on other websites) Ads placed on Google, depending on payment model cost for each insertion or click, risk of overbidding

Both Shopware SEO and SEA should be part of your marketing mix. However, this post is only about SEO. Contact me for your Shopware SEO and increase your sales with optimized settings!

Your advantages when you use Shopware SEO

Why should you deal with the topic and practice Shopware SEO?
-can’t you sell your articles in the same way?
With the right SEO settings you can use your Shopware Shopware
much better and generate more sales. Here’s why:

You get more clicks on your categories and articles

Did you know that the first five websites on the first page of the
results pages receive the most clicks? This is because the
viewers trust Google’s algorithm, which ranks web pages
and don’t want to scroll past the first few pages, which may be
may have the best content for their search query. For this
reason, you need to rank high in search engines so that your
Shopware store gets the most clicks.

You build credibility

When a search engine ranks a website or a store on the first page, it essentially
page, it essentially gives the website credibility.
Consequently, visitors associate rankings with credibility. When your store
ranks higher in search engines, it builds credibility
and authority with your target audience.

Low marketing costs

Following SEO practices that organically get you higher rankings will likely
will likely attract more buyers than a marketing campaign.
Marketing Campaign. It’s also been said that you’ll generate more revenue with organic
Search results than paid search. Therefore
better Shopware SEO will bring you more benefits than you can imagine.
can imagine.

These are the basics of Shopware SEO

Once you understand the basics of searching Google,
everything becomes very easy. Because Shopware SEO is not mysterious but
very logical. These are the basics:

  • Google wants to be the best of all search engines, because this is the only way to ensure that it can retain its rank as top dog and continue to generate revenue from advertisers. That means it wants to deliver the best search results.
  • Good results are relevant results. The content of the page must fit the question that the user has asked. A page can also provide multiple results, that is, provide the answer to different questions.
  • Content can only be displayed if a page has been indexed beforehand. For this, it must have been found by a search engine crawler.
  • A search can have very different intentions. In a store, it is primarily about products and their use. So Shopware SEO should focus on that. However, you can also use blog articles and other content to express your users’ problems and offer solutions.
  • Optimization includes a wide range of measures. We will now discuss the most important ones.

So now we know that Shopware SEO serves to attract the user through
good content and the appropriate settings of your page.
To do this, Google must rate your pages as relevant as possible in order to display you prominently in the search results.
prominently in the search results. What all is involved now?

How to inspire Google with Shopware SEO for your pages

First, your site must be able to be crawled and indexed. These
technical settings are given with Shopware anyway. You should
create a sitemap, on which all pages of your store can be found and which
links to all URLs. The sitemap facilitates the work of the robots and
also gives your customers a good overview.

The keywords play a big role, because what no one is looking for, cannot be
not be displayed. So you should do a keyword research,
before you adjust your content accordingly.
Google can refer to both articles and categories. Try
to create content that is particularly good. Also create extra pages to publish
publish more detailed information. One possibility are
Landing pages for each category.
Relevance also means credibility for Google. You can prove this
prove this by backlinks. This is not quite as easy with a store
easy, but also not impossible.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual points:

Use relevant keywords

Keywords are the terms, are specific words, that search engine
search engine users enter when they search for a specific item.
search. In terms of retail, there can be several
Keywords that your target audience may be searching for.
By using these useful keywords in your content, you can
reach these audiences and increase your sales.

There are several ways how you can find relevant keywords for your
store and its pages. One possibility is to use a
keyword tool (e.g. from Google Ads). This will help you to
identify keywords that your target audience uses to find the items and information you
to find the articles and information you offer. You should place an ad with
Google to be able to use the keyword tool.
the keyword tool. This will even help you to know the Google specific value of different
of different keywords.

You want to include relevant keywords in the URL, the text, the product details
product details, meta information and in each category of your pages to maximize
to maximize your reach. You will notice that
popular items (like “toys” just before Christmas) are promoted by many shops.
promoted by many stores. It is not easy to position yourself
position yourself. Optimize first on articles that have less search
search queries or on an entire category.

Create more pages for your Shopware SEO

A website with more web pages tends to rank higher in Google
rank than websites with fewer pages. As a retailer, you have the advantage
to provide more pages in the form of different sections.
However, always make sure that you do not lose the overview and that people can easily
easy to find your way around your store. can you easily jump to the different
categories and how efficient is your search mask? In your
Shopware Shop the navigation is well thought out from the start, so it’s best to follow the recommendations.
best to follow the recommendations.

Furthermore you can create blogs, product descriptions and
testimonials from your customers to enhance your Shopware pages.
Populating a website with fresh content can do wonders for your SEO.
can do wonders for your SEO. However, it’s important to note that you’re not adding pages just to do it.
Adding them to do it. The quality of web pages also plays a role in
Search Engine Rankings. Your content must
visitors useful information, so that they stay longer in your Shopware Shop
and become valuable customers.

Organize your pages with a sitemap

A sitemap helps your website visitors to navigate in your store.
navigate. It is nothing more than a guide that contains information about the
pages of the website.
They are all stored in a file called “XML Sitemap”, which
helps crawlers to find all pages in one place, instead of searching for them via internal
links. With a sitemap you can make sure that Google
and other search engines are aware of all the content on your site, whether they
whether they index it or not.

Why are sitemaps important with Shopware?

The sitemap plays an important role in SEO. Google bots or crawlers
notice your pages through internal linking and therefore there is a high probability that some
probability that some important pages will be overlooked, if the internal
the internal linking is not adequate. To avoid these risks,
I recommend you to configure the sitemap, as it contains all URLs of a website to be
website to be crawled. A sitemap makes it easier for search engines to
navigation, especially if your website is quite
large. The Google bot will most likely crawl the latest updates.
crawl. If your Shopware store consists of a large archive of
content pages that are isolated or not properly linked to each other,
you can use a sitemap to help Google find your content.
find your content.

Create shareable content

If you create engaging content that your viewers share on multiple
platforms, you can drive traffic to your Shopware store and delight
and inspire Google. For example, use social media and create
content with links to your Shopware store that will attract your target
target audience and that they can share across channels. You
can even integrate “share” buttons on each of your web pages,
to prompt viewers to share. This enables more reach
For your stores, articles, and categories. Let the links point to blog posts, to
a category or specific article in your Shopware store, not simply to the
simply to the home page.

Maybe you are wondering what this has to do with Shopware SEO? All pages,
that link to your store pay into your relevance – and so do your visitors.
for your visitors as well. Google registers all links that lead to your
and evaluates them positively (unless they come from a dubious site).
dubious page).

Optimize your images

Did you know that your images are also important for Shopware optimization?
are important? You can add relevant mini content to them in the form of
The robots that crawl your site read this info as well as your meta information
as your meta information and your sitemap. Through these settings
you can optimize your reach. So set keywords in the alternative
text and the file name of each product photo of your store. The robots
recognize what each photo shows, which helps to optimize your store.
your shop.

The SEO Router from Shopware

Shopware makes it easy for you to make the appropriate settings,
so that Google’s robots classify your content and the structure of the store as
as positive. The first address for this is the SEO Router, which you can find in the
backend of your Shopware store. Here you can make the most important
SEO settings, including these:

  • You can have your URLs built according to your specifications.
    So-called speaking URLs are particularly well suited for the optimization of your
    Shopware store. This means that relevant terms already appear in the
    URLs, not a gibberish of letters and numbers.
  • Each URL can be customized. However, make sure that
    you do this optimization at the beginning. If links lead to URLs
    that have been changed, this can lead to problems. I advise you
  • It’s not like every piece of content in your store is really relevant.
    Think about pages like the imprint, privacy policy, etc. Not
    relevant pages you can exclude from the index with noindex.
Landing pages with the worlds of experience from Shopware

Since Google loves good content, you can wow the search engine with
landing pages. You will find the option in Shopware 6 under the
menu item Content. You can create a landing page for each category,
present novelties and offers.

The mentioned topics are only a part of your Shopware SEO, but they count
among the most important points. There are many more ways to optimize your
Shopware store, its categories and articles.
If you want to know more about Shopware SEO or finally improve your results, contact me!
results, get in touch with me! I’ll be happy to help you.