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Shopping experience meets fitness! Interactivity, sport, speed, elegance, and technology: all combined in a wonderful theme! I programmed an adaptable and future-proof Shopware 6 theme with maximum performance from a detailed Figma design within a few weeks!

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Design Meets Compatibility

The real challenge of this project was not the final programming but the technical planning of the overall project. Those familiar with Shopware 6 will know that all functions are very closely intertwined modularly. For such an individualized theme as that of Sportstech GmbH, it is very important for future security that a symbiosis between design and update or plugin compatibility is found.

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Highest Performance

Update and Future Proof

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In addition to customer projects, I also offer extensions in the form of themes and addons in the official Shopware Store

Unique Shopping Experience

The Swiss army knife for the shopping experience of Shopware 6. The CMS Bundle supplements the Shopware standard with numerous functions. Unique layouts are possible via drag & drop editor and without programming skills.

Increasing User Numbers

Since the launch of Shopware 6 in 2019, my extensions/themes in the official Shopware Store have increasingly gained popularity. Thanks to great feedback and strong agency partners, many shops rely exclusively on my extensions.

Continuous Updates

Update security is a top priority! Over the years and through numerous major updates of Shopware, I know exactly what needs to be considered to ensure maximum update compatibility. All my extensions regularly pass code inspections and audits by Shopware.

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1.86% Growth per month

+ 11.000

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Geometric Shape
Geometric Shape

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Great Customer Feedback

Working with Robin is uncomplicated and goal-oriented. He offers a holistic project implementation, from the initial screen designs to the shop live launch – and shares tips and tricks for handling SW6 with his customers. Robin delivers high-quality results, even in time-critical projects. We are glad to have found a trustworthy partner in him.

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