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What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is paid advertising on the social platform Facebook. Due to the very high number of active accounts on this platform, companies can reach their target groups faster and better than with traditional forms of advertising.

  • Increases the digital reach of companies
  • Target groups are reached cheaply, effectively and quickly
  • Users are matched to products via user data

Why Facebook advertising is a good idea for businesses

The advertising industry has been revolutionized by the internet and especially by social media platforms. Of course, this is why big tech companies have made it an important part of their business and effectively monetized users. This is also the main revenue of the social network giant Facebook, which with its billions of users is a true dream for advertisers. Facebook advertising has grown rapidly over the years and has stood up to Google ads and traditional web advertising. There are billions of active Facebook accounts around the world, which means that a company has a very high chance of reaching and connecting with the ideal audience of its customers. The popularity of the social network is the biggest incentive for using its advertising platform. AI plays a big role because algorithms control what users see – the idea is that their news feed is tailored to them. Using the advertising platform is more effective than placing other ads. However, the more companies take advantage of the benefits, the more expensive these ads become. Not only is Facebook used by so many different people, but Facebook advertising is probably the most targeted and cost-effective form of advertising available. Facebook advertising is also easy to measure. With Facebook Pixels you can see exactly through which traffic users come to your website and how visitors behave when they enter the website. Have you bought something? Which pages did they visit? Did they put something into their shopping cart? With these insights, you can continue to market them through other sales channels, increasing the likelihood that they will turn into customers.

With Facebook advertising to success

In order to achieve a reasonable ROI for Facebook advertising, it is extremely important to focus on the right group of people. Simply put, the more niches and the tighter your audience, the better returns you will achieve. Because if your audience is too broad, youll be trying to attract those who are unlikely to make a purchase decision and pay for the privilege of seeing every time someone clicks on your ad – only to find that its not what theyre looking for, a rather expensive way of advertising. You also need to make sure that your ad is targeted to your audience. Its a good idea to create a series of ads that are tailored to the particular challenge of your potential customer. These should be defined as part of your overall marketing strategy. You can then analyse which ones have been more successful and thus define your current Facebook advertising strategy. Although Facebook has been around since 2004, Facebook advertising did not boom until 2014. Prior to 2014, Facebook rejected advertising and kept its news feed exclusively for posts from friends and family members. In contrast to today, Facebook ads were never placed in users newsfeeds. However, Facebook began to place ads in users news feeds in 2013, heralding the rise of the social advertising industry. Unlike other social media sites, Facebook can target ads to users who are likely to be interested in Facebook due to the amount of data it has generated in recent years: popular and shared posts and Facebook friends. Companies can use different types of ads on Facebook, from sponsored stories to canvas ads. Ads can be placed on a users page through a paid search or through a paid social network. Paid search helps consumers find a business, while paid social networks help businesses find consumers. This can be done through targeting: Facebook uses user data to match users with your products. Facebook displays ads that are relevant only to users, based on their activity and interests.

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