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What is Ranking?

By the term ranking we understand the position of a website in the list of search results of a search engine. This means the current position in a ranking that reflects the importance of the page in question and its subpages. A higher ranking is always accompanied by higher traffic

  • Is the ranking in hit order from Google & Co.
  • User receives results ranked by relevance when searching for a page
  • Better ranking also means higher and higher traffic

What the ranking means for the users

When users search for something, the search engines find the most relevant pages and then ideally display the most relevant and best matching results. These determined results usually consist of hundreds of factors. Google Ranking, for example, primarily records and indexes words and links and determines their relevance for a given search. The aim of the ranking is therefore always to show users the pages with the highest possible relevance. The higher the average ranking of pages in terms of keywords, the more organic visitors the web pages receive. Ranking is therefore an extremely important issue for both users and webmasters (in terms of optimizing their websites). Search engines evaluate the individual pages on the Internet and measure the link popularity. With the search engine optimization the operators try of course always to improve the current ranking in the various search engines. The ranking, i.e. the sequence of the search results, depends on the algorithm of the respective search engines. So users can find quite different results in the presented rankings at different search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo etc.). For the marketer, Google, for example, with its largely secret ranking algorithms and factors, is a rather “mysterious” search engine, but it works precisely and always in the interests of the end user. Page after page of information from the networked world is combed through in order to make it accessible and, above all, useful to visitors, with each web page finally being ranked according to importance. Of course, the first position, the first three results, or at least the first page of the search results, are particularly sought after by the webmaster

What influences the ranking

Significant criteria for the determined ranking are both the number and the quality of the backlinks (references), which is also called link popularity. Of course, a reasonable match between the search term and the page content also has a particularly positive influence on the ranking. The webmaster can influence the search engine ranking with many different parameters, also called ranking factors. Examples are the URL structure, the internal linking, the information architecture, the description and last but not least the keywords and their combinations. Of course, Googles wish to answer the users questions as well as possible must always be taken into account. The industrious Google bots search billions of pages on the net for this purpose. The credibility and the added value of the sites in question – and of those that are as easy to interact with as possible – are always at the forefront of this process. Google detects and punishes black-hat tricks, spam links and other unfair methods. The best general advice that can be given to webmasters here to achieve an even better ranking is to create a useful, clear and information-rich site for customers. In order to avoid cheating the system and creating unfair competitive advantages, Google & Co understandably do not give out too much specific details about this. Nevertheless, SEO experts are quite capable of meeting the requirements of search engines very well despite the complexity of the subject and constant updates of algorithms. Due to user preferences, the search results page of the same search engine may be different, and the ranking results in the different language versions of the same search engine may also differ

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